How Madison Prewett discovered Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan will make you guess everything


The single person Season 24 may have ended in March, but the drama between Peter Weber, Madison Prewett and Kelley Flanagan continues. In his first interview since the live finale, Prewett spoke about his experience on the show and his thoughts on his ex-boyfriend today. For the most part, Auburn alum wished only the best to the former bachelor. However, when asked about Weber’s decision to quarantine with Flanagan, Prewett revealed that the situation was more complicated than we previously thought.

What happened to Madison Prewett, Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan after the finale of “The Bachelor”?

Madison Prewett and Peter Weber in 'The Bachelor' Season 24
Madison Prewett and Peter Weber in “The Bachelor” | John Fleenor via Getty Images

In The single person final on March 9, Prewett broke up with Weber and eliminated himself. Then after the 28-year-old ended his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss, the production team reunited Prewett and Weber. during After the Pink Final – which was recorded live on March 10 – the couple professed their love for each other. However, they never officially got back together and chose to take it one step at a time.

Two days after The single person Prewett and Weber separated after realizing that they couldn’t make the relationship work. “Madi and I have mutually decided not to continue our relationship,” wrote Weber on Instagram. “Believe me, it was not easy for the two of us, but after many honest conversations, we agreed that this is what makes the most sense for both of us. “

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I want to start by recognizing the incredible group of women I have had the privilege of knowing this season. Thank you for coming on this trip with me. I have learned so many lessons from all of you that I will take with me. Madi, thank you for your patience and your unconditional love. You are the epitome of a woman who carries herself gracefully, defends what she believes in and loves with all her heart. This love is something I feel so grateful for feeling and I will always take a piece of it. Madi and I have mutually decided not to continue our relationship. Believe me, it was not easy for the two of us, but after many honest conversations, we agreed that it was what made the most sense for both of us. The love and respect that I have for Madi will continue to last. Hannah Ann, you set the example for women around the world a few nights ago. You are such a strong and confident woman and you deserve all the love in the world. I accept full responsibility for my mistakes in our relationship and I wish you the best. It has been an emotional experience and I am so grateful for the support I have received from friends, family and the bachelor nation over the past few days. Thank you to all of you! This is just another chapter in my story. The one I will never forget and the one I will always cherish ❤️

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Two weeks later, on March 25, Weber was spotted with Flanagan in Chicago. Then on April 2, The BacheloretteDustin Kendrick told Us Weekly that he has been quarantined with Weber and Flanagan for about two weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Meanwhile, fans began to speculate that Weber and Flanagan were dating. That said, pilot Pete has dismissed the rumors.

“Are we dating? No, “Weber told Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti about Almost known Podcast. “I am the first person to admit that I have experienced so much. The emotional roller coaster of all roller coasters. And the last thing I have to do is jump into another relationship. I was engaged a few weeks ago and I was looking for another relationship. “

Madison Prewett says Peter Weber wanted to meet two days before being spotted with Kelley Flanagan

On April 21, Prewett went to Kaitlyn Bristowe Off the vine podcast and shared his thoughts on the current relationship of Weber and Flanagan. But it seems that the 24-year-old woman has complicated feelings about the situation because she has developed a close friendship with Flanagan.

Prewett claimed she was Flanagan’s best friend while filming The single person and they stayed in touch after the show. “We were really close and talked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said Prewett. “So I guess I was definitely hurt and discouraged by this whole situation. “

Prewett also revealed that Weber wanted to meet a few days before joining Flanagan.

“To be honest, what was really confusing to me was that two days before he was spotted in Chicago, he called me and texted me,” I miss you. Let’s get back together, ”said Prewett. “But when you separate … and you’ve just come out of a show that was emotionally and physically exhausting, everyone handles it differently and everyone relies on different things. “

She continued: “I find it really important after a break up to take the time to really invest in myself and make sure that my heart is in the best possible place before continuing any type of relationship … I am not a date, I date to get married. So they deserve my heart 100%. “

Prewett then pointed out that both ways of dealing with the situation are valid. But news of Flanagan and Weber always caught her off guard, especially since they didn’t warn her. When Bristowe asked if Flanagan and Weber had called when the news broke, Prewett said:

Not until it leaks and he got caught. Again, he texted me two days ago. He texted me after a break of a few days and sent me this long text to explain it in a way, but not really. And just share the current situation or something else.

I was very kind in return. I thought, “Look, this doesn’t affect me at all. We are separated. It’s not like I lost something here. What puzzles me, Peter, is two days ago, you told me how much you love me and you want to get back together. And now you’re with the only person who was my best friend. It’s just a little hurtful.

Prewett also added that the photos were released on his birthday and at the time, she felt like Weber and Flanagan were “punching her”. Regardless, it looks like Prewett is getting out of the situation, again adding that she wishes both parties the best.

“I saw something special in Kelley. That’s why she was my best friend, “she said. “I saw something special in Peter’s house. That’s why I loved her and I wanted to fight so hard to make the relationship work. So these are obviously amazing and special people. I only wish the best for both, no matter what it looks like. “

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