How Everyone on Private Fisher Island Can Get a Coronavirus Test


“I call it Alcatraz – since we are surrounded by water and we have no place to go,” joked Daniel Azoulay, 74, a contemporary art and fashion photographer who lives on the island. for 29 years and has never left it for the past. month.

He went for his test on Friday, knowing it wouldn’t give him any definitive information about possible immunity: “They just let you know if you have antibodies, and that’s it. His housekeeper, who now comes twice a week instead of five days, was also tested.

Fisher Island paid for tests that were purchased by the University of Miami health clinic, Sissy DeMaria Koehne, a spokesperson for the island, said in a statement. More than half of the residents are over 60 and are “at high risk,” the statement said.

The 1,800 tests performed by BioMedomics Inc. cost $ 17 each, said DeMaria Koehne. Testing began on April 6 and 1,250 people have been tested so far.

She added that a resident of Fisher Island had also committed $ 200,000 to the Rabinowitz Charitable Foundation to provide tests for bloodstain antibodies “in the hard-hit areas of Miami.”

Florida state health data lists five to nine cases of Covid-19 in the Fisher Island zip code.

The tests were first reported by the Miami Herald.

The news that residents of Fisher Island were offered the tests was not welcomed by some local leaders.


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