How does contact tracking work and when can you download it?


If it is later confirmed that this person has been infected with a coronavirus, a red signal will be sent to other people with the application who are in the vicinity of the infected person.

He will recommend that these people isolate themselves in case they have contracted the disease. Those contacted will not know the identity of the person who may have transmitted the coronavirus.

According to Hancock, the application involved close collaboration with “the world’s largest technology companies”.

Apple and Google have confirmed that they are working together on developing software for others to create a contact finder application from which NHSX, the health service technology unit, should use the software for its own. project.

What is the technology behind this?

Apple and Google are collaborating on technology that could allow smartphones to track all other devices they have been in contact with in the past two weeks using Bluetooth signals.

The contact records will be stored on the phones and if someone is later diagnosed with the virus, they could then send their list to a central database, which would then alert everyone who came into contact with them.

According to the two companies, the records will not be linked to people’s names but will use anonymous identifiers linked to a device, so phone owners will not know who transmitted the virus.

The companies also said on Monday that the system could record people-to-people contacts when smartphone users were within a few feet of each other for up to 10 minutes. The companies noted that Bluetooth wireless technology can detect devices up to 15 feet away.

Apple and Google are integrating the technology into their iOS and Android operating systems in two steps. In mid-May, they plan to add the ability for iPhones and Android phones to exchange anonymous information wirelessly through apps managed by public health authorities. In the coming months, they will integrate the technology directly into their operating systems to reach more people.

A Google said the tools would be added to Android via a download from the Google Play Store. Apple will offer it via an iOS software update. Apple said the goal was to make it compatible with as many iPhones as possible, including older models.

The functionality will only be available for public health applications, companies said. This means that other developers will not be able to create a mobile game using data, for example. It also means that users will need to download an official app to enter the test results.


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