How Bruce Willis and Demi Moore successfully divorced as rumors of reconciliation swirl


Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have successfully reshaped what a divorce traditionally looks like, while the former couple remain close friends despite the former flame.

The couple had one of the fastest romances in Hollywood, ranging from dating to marriage and pregnancy in just four months.

Bruce, 65, and Demi, 57, met in July 1987 during a screening of the film Stakeout.

It didn’t take Demi long to recognize the playful personality under the skin of Bruce, who saw him become a global icon – making a big payment of £ 5 million to star in the next movie Die Hard.

After laying eyes on each other, sparks flew.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were married in 1987

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The romance flourished quickly and lust helped relationships reach levels they never imagined.

Bruce and Demi then flew to Vegas to watch boxing matches when he had a weekend without filming.

The Hollywood piece proposed to the brown bomb while walking towards the gaming tables.

They both wanted children and shared a vision of a happy family after admitting that they had missed this by themselves in their own childhood.

The actors started dating a few weeks later, with Demi saying that Bruce was “so ready to kiss and give me love.”

During their 13-year marriage, the couple welcomed three daughters: Rumer, 31, Scout, 28 and Tallulah Belle, 26. But the union was not without its fair share of hiccups.

The pair had one of the fastest romances in Hollywood

July 1996: Bruce Willis and his wife Demi Moore an Olympic boxing match in Atlanta.
Bruce and Demi photographed in 1996

The couple have faced a multitude of tabloid rumors, one of the main stories pointing to Demi’s busy work schedule – a claim she confirmed in her new book Inside Out.

His professional life takes off with his next film, Ghost, but at the expense of his relationship with Bruce.

Before leaving for Europe to film the Hudson Hawk blockbuster, Bruce said to his wife, “I don’t know if I want to get married. “

Demi spoke of the rapid pace of their union, saying that they had quickly gone through the romance, the marriage and the first child who gave him family and foundations.

She wrote, “But he also craved excitement and novelty. Basically, he wanted to do whatever he wanted.

“He was 36 years old, add fame and money. You do the math. “

Actress Demi Moore arrives for the premiere of the new movie Striptease
Half photographed with Bruce and the children Rumer and Scout in 1996

Actors and husband and wife Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
They remain close friends 20 years after their divorce

Demi told him to “leave” but he could not commit to ending the marriage or to Demi. He didn’t want to be the man who left his family, so he stayed put.

The gorgeous pair started to disagree on many things, but one thing remained the same: they both adored their daughters.

Despite their eternal love for their three daughters, Demi was convinced that Bruce was ambivalent about their marriage, which had consequences for the actor of Sixth Sense.

She recalled, “I think we were both more passionate about having children than about marriage. “

And after concluding that their marriage was no longer what it once was, the couple officially divorced in 2000, but remained excellent co-parents of Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Belle.

Demi then sparked relationships with actor Ashton Kutcher, whom she married in 2005 and later divorced in 2013.

Demi described her romance with Bruce as “a whirlwind, a truncated craze”

Half pictured with daughter Rumer (left), Bruce, daughter Scout, wife of Bruce Emma and daughter Tallulah

And Bruce found love with model Emma Heming, whom he linked in 2009, before welcoming two daughters – Evelyn and Mabel – into the world.

And although Bruce and Demi have long gone beyond their bitterness that consumed their marriage, actress Ghost has since admitted that she was “proud” of their divorce.

She admitted, “It’s funny to say, but I’m very proud of our divorce.

“I think Bruce was afraid at first that I was going to make our separation difficult, and that I would express my anger and all the baggage that I had of our marriage by obstructing his access to children – that I would turn to all of these ploys of divorcing couples use as weapons. But I didn’t, and neither did he. ”

Demi Moore then married Ashton Kutcher before divorcing in 2013

Bruce married model Emma Heming in 2009

Moore went on to say that the breakup “was not easy at first, but we managed to move the heart of our relationship, the heart of what created the family, into something new that gave the girls a loving and supportive environment with both parents. “.

“We felt more connected than before the divorce,” she added.

Meanwhile, Bruce said in an interview, “I felt like I had failed as a father and husband by not being able to succeed. “

And although they are no longer “everything”, love rumors have recently revolved around the two Hollywood icons after their very comfortable meeting 20 years after their divorce.

Demi and Bruce isolate themselves with their children in matching pajamas

Their daughter Tallulah posted photos on her Instagram

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The former couple posed for a nice photo together this week, with two of their three children as they put on matching green and white striped pajamas.

Tallulah, 26, and Scout, 28, with husband Dillon Buss, also wear pajamas.

The whole family is radiant and in the blink of an eye, Bruce and Demi even have their arms together as they give the photographer a helping hand, proving that they are on very good terms.

Could the couple reconcile their love more than 20 years after their 13-year marriage?

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