Hospital staff surprise Backstreet boys with epic “Backstreet’s Back” dance as group turns 27


The Backstreet Boys celebrated their 27th birthday by chatting with young hospital patients, however, the bander boys were in for a treat when an epic surprise was drawn over them!

Group members Nick Carter, Brian Littrell and AJ McLean participated in a video call with Children’s’s National Hospital in Washington, DC on Monday. The musicians were shown a video that began with a written intro, reading, “Once the Seacrest Studios team informed the national children’s staff of the Backstreet Boys’ virtual tour, this happened … ”

“I’m nervous,” said McLean, watching the clip.

The video then showed hospital staff swaying to the 1997 group tube, “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back.)”

As Carter laughed and started dancing, Littrell cheered and McLean cheered. Professionals from the Heart and Kidney Unit, the Neuro Science Unit, the Surgical Care Unit and the Hematology and Oncology Unit were able to see the group’s iconic movements in a hilarious way.

The Child Life Services team also joined in – with a pet puppy. Even a security guard took part in the action!

“I love the security guard! Said McLean. ” He’s going there. “

“We are grateful that we were able to chat with patients @childrensnational ❤️,” the group said in caption on the video on their Instagram account. “We did not expect their inspiring staff to surprise us with this incredible dance for everyone !! Beyond impressed by these versatile and hardworking heroes !! All our love uge A big thank you to our brother @ryanseacrest and @ryanfoundation # BSB27 #HealthcareHeroes. “

Littrell, Carter and McLean have already participated in a memorable performance of another hit hit, “I Want It That Way”, with children from Songs For Kids Center, where children with illnesses, genetic disorders and injuries receive the “rockstar treatment”.

Their latest efforts to brighten up the lives of sick children come as the group marks 27 years since Littrell flew from Kentucky to Florida to join Carter, McLean, Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson – to complete the Backstreet Boys.

“I still remember his wide-eyed puppy dog ​​look,” McLean’s mother Denise Solis told ET about Littrell’s presence and his arrival in the group. “He was like a deer in the headlights when he got out of the limousine, so captivated by everything. But probably also thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” “

“Today marks 27 years of the Backstreet Boys,” the group wrote alongside an adorable photo back on Instagram on Monday. “On April 20, 1993, we were all so young and we were together for the first time as a group. We didn’t know you yet. Each of you was just a dream for us. “

“We were hoping that you would hear our music,” continued the message. “So you came … a dozen … a hundred … thousands … millions !? To say that we dreamed of it would be an understatement. We know we are here thanks to you. You were our little dream and now you are all of our reality. Grateful for what each of you has given us and for what awaits us … As long as there is music … ? #KTBSPA # BSB27. “

Litrrell also shared an old photo of the group, pictured posing with longtime boyfriend and security guard Keith McGuffey, during the day.

“27 years ago today, I met these fools …” he wrote next to the snap. “Well, what a ride it continues to be …. #bsbstrong thanks to @keith_mcguffey for the photo…. ?? we are fortunate to continue to do so….

Meanwhile, McLean said the day was a “godsend” while honoring Carter, Littrell, Richardson and Dorough for helping him make his dreams come true.

“Well, can you believe it? We did it, “he said in an Instagram video. “Here we are, 27 years old today. It’s a bargain. I am so thankful for so many things, for so many people. I am grateful to the best fans in the world and I am grateful to my group mates, my brothers. I am grateful to the amazing team who helped and pushed us. But most of all, guys – without you, I couldn’t have fulfilled my passion and dreams and be so thankful to have such a long career and always [be] going strong. I owe you all four. “

“You are my stones,” continued the singer of “Boy and a Man”. “You have been with me – we have been together, through thick and thin, through ups and downs, ups and downs. Dude, this is surreal, so I am so grateful and so proud to congratulate you all, dear friends. 27? It’s just amazing, so bravo boys – here are 27 more! “

Dorough has released a slideshow of quintet images. “Blessed is an understatement,” wrote the singer, who recently gave “Everyone (Backstreet’s Back)” a new twist with the lyrics, “Everyone, wash your body,” to encourage people to wash. hands carefully in the middle of the COVID-19 epidemic. “Thank you for growing up with us and for maintaining the pride of Backstreet for 27 years ? are you ready for the next 27? ? # bsb27 #KTBSPA #brotherhood. “

The group nominated for GRAMMY had finished the 100th show of their DNA World Tour when they had to stop the concert and go home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The next scheduled stage of the tour, in Australia and New Zealand in May, is unlikely to go as planned, and the fate of the second North American stage of their tour, later in 2020, remains unclear. However, the singers assured fans that they will be there for them as soon as they can do so safely.

“While you’re quarantined, you’re confined and there are millions and millions of people who feel exactly the same,” said Carter during an appearance on “Let It Be Me” collaborator Steve OK Neon Future Dinner. “I think maybe the light at the end of the tunnel will be for all these fans, whether in six months or a year, we will be there as animators for them at the end. “

“I feel like when the end ends, they are going to want to be entertained and we are going to be there for our fans and everyone who wants to take a break from everything they have done,” said Carter.

Learn more about the Backstreet Boys and the surprises they drew below.


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