Hopes disappointed as coronavirus drug remdesivir fails first try



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It was widely hoped that remdesivir could treat Covid-19

A potential antiviral drug for the coronavirus would have failed in its first randomized clinical trial.

There was great hope that the remdesivir could treat Covid-19.

But a Chinese test showed that the drug had failed, according to draft documents accidentally released by the World Health Organization.

The drug did not improve the condition of the patients or reduce the presence of the pathogen in the bloodstream, he said.

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The US company behind the drug, Gilead Sciences, said the document misdescribed the study.

What do we know about the study?

News of the failed trial spread after WHO released details of its clinical trial database before it was deleted. WHO has since confirmed that the draft report was downloaded in error.

It showed that the researchers studied 237 patients, administered the medication to 158 and compared their progress with the other 79, who received a placebo.

After one month, 13.9% of the patients taking the drug had died, compared to 12.8% of those receiving the placebo. The trial was stopped early due to side effects.

“Remdesivir was not associated with clinical or virological benefits,” said the abstract.

The top three US stock market indices fell by more than 1% after news broke during the trial.

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What did the company say?

Gilead contested the WHO post.

“We think the message included inappropriate characterizations from the study,” said a spokesperson for Gilead, adding that she had been terminated prematurely due to the low enrollment rate and was therefore not statistically significant.

“As such, the results of the study are inconclusive, although the trends in the data suggest a potential benefit for remdesivir, especially in patients treated early in the course of the disease,” he said. declared.

However, that does not mean the end of the road for the drug, and several ongoing trials will soon provide a clearer picture of the use of the drug.

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