Hong Kong-born nurse dies of coronavirus after 44 years at NHS | Society


A dedicated nurse who has worked in the NHS since arriving in London from Hong Kong in the 1970s died of coronaviruses at the age of 70.

Alice Kit Tak Ong, who worked for the health service for 44 years, was described by her daughter Melissa as “completely dedicated”.

Her family thinks they may have contracted the virus while working without protective equipment during surgery.

Ong came to the UK at the age of 23 to study nursing and joined the health service as soon as she was able.

At 70, she was still working full time in two surgeries and running busy baby clinics until she fell ill with the coronavirus. At first she became self-isolated at home, but when her breathing worsened, her family called an ambulance and she was taken to hospital.

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Tuesday morning, two weeks after her admission, she passed away peacefully under the care of doctors and nurses at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Her daughter, Melissa Ong, 37, said her mother had spent her life helping and caring for others. “She was completely dedicated to her job, which she did until she got sick,” she said. “She loved her job and she loved her patients.”

After graduating, Ong worked first as a midwife and then as a diabetes nurse before working in the community for the past 20 years.

Dr. Amrit Lamba, general practitioner at the Colindale medical center in Barnet, where Ong was the practice nurse, said they shared a passion for treating diabetes and that “Kit”, as she was known, had encouraged and oversaw his own specialization in the area.


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