Home coronavirus deaths expected to overtake hospitals | New


Deaths from coronaviruses in nursing homes may soon outpace those in hospitals, as activists say residents are treated like second-class citizens.

New figures show that in the week leading up to April 17, all-cause mortality in nursing homes was 7,316, triple that recorded at the end of last month. Experts have warned that the death toll may not yet have peaked.

Sir David Spiegelhalter, a statistician from the University of Cambridge, said that although cases were declining nationwide, epidemics were still a huge problem in nursing homes. “What we are seeing is a massive increase in deaths,” he said.

A minute of silence was celebrated Tuesday in the UK to mark the deaths of key coronavirus workers

Given the delay in the data, Professor Spiegelhalter said that it is possible that deaths from coronavirus in homes now exceed those of hospitals, both


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