Home and Away Spoilers (April 13 to 17)


At home and outside spoilers follow for British rhythm episodes on Channel 5.

Next weeks At home and outside The episodes finally solve the mystery of the disappearance of Leah Patterson-Baker, while Willow Harris and Alex Neilson struggle to solve their relationship crisis.

Here is a complete collection of seven great moments to come.

1. Leah talks to the police

Ada Nicodemou as Leah Patterson-Baker at home and away

Channel 5

Justin contacts the police to let them know about a new message on Leah’s website, which shows her wearing an engagement ring. He thinks this could be the breakthrough that everyone was hoping for.

After waiting for hours to hear the authorities, Justin is finally shocked by what he said to him. Police say she spoke to Leah and that she is fine, having left the Bay – and Justin – by choice. It doesn’t seem fair…

2. Justin refuses to give up

Tori and Justin Morgan at home and away

Channel 5

The police are not planning to go any further in the Leah case, as they are fully convinced that they are not in danger and there is no reason to worry. Justin is encouraged to let him go, rather than taking more care of his girlfriend.

Justin still thinks something is really wrong, so he makes his own post on Leah’s website. In it, he promises never to leave Leah until he learns directly from her that she is fine.

3. Leah phones Justin

Ada Nicodemou as Leah Patterson-Baker at home and away

Channel 5

After eagerly awaiting any sort of new update, Justin gets his wish when Leah calls him. She is very much alive, but she explains that she has left her relationship and does not want to see him again.

After the explosive conversation, Justin becomes more convinced than ever that someone is holding Leah captive and forcing her to act against his will. He noticed something strange in the tone of his voice on the phone and is not ready to give up.

4. Leah’s mystery is finally solved

Leah Patterson-Baker at home and away

Channel 5

As Leah calls Justin, viewers see her again for the first time in weeks. In disturbing scenes, she now plays the role of “Stepford’s wife” to a man named Douglas, who holds her in a remote place against her will.

Leah was bullied by the violent and angry man, following all his instructions for fear of reprisals. Clearly Leah needs someone’s help quickly.

5. Douglas has a bad surprise for Leah

Douglas at home and outside

Seven Network

Douglas is disturbed by Justin’s repeated contacts, fearing that the outside world may threaten the supposed “perfect life” he is trying to build with Leah.

Deciding to get the upper hand, Douglas announces to Leah that they will marry the next day. He even presents her with a wedding dress and warns her to prepare for the ceremony.

6. Alex makes a heartbreaking decision

Alex Neilson in Home and Away

Channel 5

Willow is unsure of Alex’s suggestion that they should buy a house together when they leave Summer Bay. As it is still relatively early in their relationship, she is concerned that they will move too fast.

Willow’s doubts don’t go well with Alex, who has always made it clear that she wants a committed, established relationship. She now sees Willow’s doubts as a sign that they don’t want the same things.

As Willow does not want to make promises that she cannot keep, the couple reaches a crossroads. Finally, Alex announces that she will leave the bay without Willow.

7. Willow is fighting to lose Alex

Willow Harris and Alex Neilson at home and away

Channel 5

Upset Willow turns to Jasmine for help after Alex’s shocking announcement. Jasmine tries to comfort and help her, but there is a feeling that she could project her own recent loss of Robbo onto Willow’s situation.

Jasmine confronts Alex for having abandoned Willow so easily, but Alex is annoyed that Willow went to see Jasmine rather than talking to him. It’s clear that Willow and Alex still care deeply about each other, but without a solution, will they still separate?

At home and outside currently broadcasts Mondays and Fridays at 1:15 p.m. on channel 5.

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