Holly Willoughby came out shocked by Bradley Walsh’s live prank this morning


Holly Willoughby was stuffed live this morning Monday morning.

The epic joke happened during a special call in the segment where Vanessa Feltz asked viewers to phone with their concerns about home schooling.

Things took a disturbing turn when a caller named Roger called her 16-year-old son on the phone and detailed his strict home schooling scheme that Holly was clearly uncomfortable with.

Holly Willoughby was stuffed live this morning Monday morning

The epic joke happened on a special call in the segment where viewers phoned with concerns about home schooling

Roger told Holly and Philip Scholfield how he steers a watertight ship during the lockdown and that he demands that his son wear school uniforms in their dining room, raise his hand if he needs a toilet and that he must speak to him like sir and sir and not papa.

Viewers then heard Roger’s son reveal that his father was “going too far” and even called him mom the dinner woman.

Roger went on to call Holly “Polly” and then suggested that if her kids got out of line, he could offer counseling to discipline them – which left the caring host surprised when she politely refused any parental advice from the appellant.

During a game, Roger could be heard flying from the doorknob and screaming in the background, to which Holly suggested leaving the call.

Things took a disturbing turn when a caller by the name of Roger phoned her 16-year-old son and detailed his strict home schooling program which clearly left Holly uncomfortable with

After the break, Phil admitted it was a farce to a shocked Holly

Before the call ended, however, Roger returned and Holly advised that he and her son could chat and try to meet in the middle as she commented that her son looked like a charming and polite boy.

The show paused and upon his return, Phil announced to Holly that it was a call and that the actor Bradley Walsh and his son Barney were behind the call.

Phil said, “No, it wasn’t authentic, you started again. “

Bradley and Barney Walsh were responsible for the epic ride

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Holly looked puzzled and incredulous, before Phil added, “It was Bradley Walsh! “

Bradley and Barney then appeared on screen by video call.

Shocked by the prank, Holly exclaimed, “Oh my god, I hate you all! “

Proving that she was glad he was rigged, she added, “There is an element of relief … after this call. “

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