Holidays in Spain: the beaches of the Costa del Sol should reopen, but only for these people | Travel News | Trip


Spain had one of the strictest bans on coronaviruses after applying the rules on March 14. The popular holiday destination with the British has one of the highest case rates in the world. To date, the nation has registered 223,759 cases and 22,902 deaths.

However, it is unclear whether the popular Benidorm vacation destination will reopen.

Local police told callers wishing to access the beaches that it depended on the presence of police tape at the entrances.

They said, “If the police tape was removed tomorrow / Sunday, you can use the beach, but otherwise you cannot. “

Parks and playgrounds are still prohibited.

Another region that has opened its beaches is the city of Gijon in the north of the country.

Gijon has also decided to reopen its parks, but children’s play areas are still prohibited.

The mayor of Marbella, Angeles Munoz, said in a video on Twitter for children in the region that they have behaved very well in recent weeks.

She said: “Starting this Sunday, you will be able to leave the house with an adult and under certain conditions to take a walk, enjoy the fresh air and play with your toys.

“Thank you for behaving so well during these weeks. You did it very well. ”

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in a televised speech that people living together will also be allowed to take short walks together from May 2.

He said the Spanish government would gradually ease the lockdowns in different regions at different speeds.

He said: “We will not suddenly resume activity in all sectors.

“De-escalation must be gradual and asymmetrical… We will not all progress at the same pace but we will follow the same rules. “


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