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Spain is a popular summer vacation destination for thousands of Britons across the country. But as COVID-19 continues to ravage the Spanish population, his appearance as British will not spend his summer vacation on the Costa del Sol. Spain has now reported a whopping 140,510 cases of coronavirus and a shocking 13,798 deaths from the disease.

“Because the UK is still so far behind Spain and until you contain it, people will not be allowed to spend their week in Benidorm.

“Otherwise, the locals will all be afraid that they will get it and then it will be out of control again.

“The movement is what caused the development of this virus and it must be contained.

“I don’t think until it is contained, people can start thinking about their vacation again. “

Spain has been in a state of emergency since March 14, extended until April 26.

Only Britons who can prove that they live in Spain can enter the country.

Hotels and guesthouses have been closed since March 26, with the exception of some businesses that have remained open to house customers who have been unable to fly to their homes.

But it seems that the British borders could be the long-term problem.

Association of British Travel Agents spokesperson Sean Tipton told Sun Online Travel: “If you look at Spain, they’re ahead of us in the fight against coronaviruses, which would imply that they will take care of it sooner than we do and therefore their borders probably opened before ours. “

He added that holidays in Spain in autumn and winter could offer more vacationers.

He added: “They will want to make sure they can overcome the coronavirus first, but tourism is the second or third employer in Spain, so they will be very keen to reopen their hotels as soon as they can. “

“The Spanish are also very price sensitive, so even if other places may be tempted to push prices up, they will not. So there will be very good deals.

“We could see more people traveling outside of the traditional summer months and Spain is ideally placed for that.

“The weather in southern Spain and the Balearic Islands is good until mid-November, even if you go in January and February on the Costa Del Sol, the weather is generally sunny and pleasant compared to the United Kingdom .

“Then the Canary Islands will obviously do very well because it is a classic destination for the winter sun. “


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