“His belief” – Alasdair Gold reveals Levy’s position amid harsh criticism of Spurs wage cuts


Tottenham Hotspur has come under fire in recent days for its decision to cut the wages of 550 non-player staff while others have been put on leave if necessary.

Daniel Levy naturally took a lot of sticks himself and the London football reporter Alasdair Gold provided key information on how the club president perceives the current situation and the criticism that results from it.

What’s the word?

Gold provided his perspective and opinion on the Spurs’ recent and disparaged decision in a recent column for football.london.

Liverpool also followed suit with a similar policy over the weekend and they were also criticized for a decision that most of the general public do not seem to sympathize with.

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Former White Hart Lane hero Gary Lineker publicly expressed his disapproval of the Spurs’ decision, while Jamie Carragher was also scathing about Liverpool decision to withdraw non-playing staff.

In the midst of the recent account, the highly respected Gold provided insight into Levy’s thought process at this point and suggested that the 58-year-old was not concerned with how his actions were perceived in the public eye. , by football.london.

“Although men are very different, neither Mike Ashley nor Levy seem to care particularly about what public opinion is about it.

“For the president of Spurs, his belief is that he always does what is in the best interests of Tottenham Hotspur and admitted it at last month’s meeting with the confidence of the supporters.

“” Daniel Levy explained that the board had to take a long term view to protect the club. He said he took a lot of criticism and had broad shoulders, and must have been in his place, “read the minutes of the meeting.”

Merciless businessman

There are certainly questions to ask of Premier League clubs using the leave plan – which allows businesses to survive during a period of sudden and unexpected financial turmoil – and criticism from the public and from a multitude of prestigious names is certainly justifiable.

However, from Levy’s point of view, as Gold points out, it only protects the jobs and the future of the employees who represent the fundamental but invisible cogs that make the club what it is.

He protects the livelihoods and the future of those he can influence, and while this does not necessarily excuse him from criticism, it is clear that he has no interest in what is said about him in the media.

Was Levy right to cut Spurs’ wages?





The unforgiving streak behind his decision, however, is exactly what we have expected from Levy over the years.


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