High school student offers temporary solution for struggling dairy farmers


HAZEL GREEN, WISCONSIN (KCRG) Wisconsin dairy farmers have seen first-hand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their operations.

Laurie Runde, a farmer in southwest Wisconsin, said many farmers have to throw milk away because they have nowhere to send it.
“The restaurants are closed and the children are not in school, which is why there is milk that is not used,” she said. “It is becoming more and more of a challenge. “
Austin Ingersoll, a high school student in the Southwestern Community School District, came up with the idea of ​​giving a gallon of milk to every family that takes part in takeout meals in the neighborhood.
“It’s good for me to know that I can support the dairy industry and my community,” said Ingersoll.
When Runde first heard of this idea, she knew that her 4H group Hazel Green Clever Clovers had to intervene.
“We decided that our 4-hour club would donate enough money to provide 105 gallons of milk to our school district this week,” she said.
Runde added that she thought more people in Wisconsin would join the initiative if they knew about it.

“We are launching a May Milk Challenge suggesting that other groups may challenge people in their community to do so,” she said.
The goal of the campaign, titled “#IDairyYou”, is to raise enough money to fund the project for at least the next six weeks. This is the expected duration of the school district’s takeout meal program.
“This is something fun to do and we hope it will help produce more milk,” said Runde.


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