Here’s how to free up space on your PS4 to install Final Fantasy VII Remake


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The PS4 has this annoying problem of refusing to install or update games, even if it says you have enough space.

Because of the way the device handles installations and updates, you must have at least double the space available. As the PS4 downloads a game update, it also creates another copy of the game in the process, as a sort of security measure. This is why you need the size of the game plus the size of the update as free space, even if the update is tiny. PS4 says you have 100 GB of free space? Do not listen to him. Your 65 GB game requiring a 5 GB update means that you need at least 140 GB of free space.

In addition, each update adds more gigabytes to the total amount of space your game takes up. A 50 GB game can reach 60, 70, 80 GB or more depending on the number of updates obtained and the size of these updates. That means the 500 GB hard drive that came with your PS4? Yeah, it can fill up quickly.

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Unfortunately, there’s really nothing you can do to change the way the PS4 installs and updates games, but by carefully managing what’s installed on your system or by expanding your storage, you can take advantage make the most of what you have. It’s important because Remake of Final Fantasy VII takes a whopping 100 GB just to install it.

Delete certain games

This is probably the most obvious solution. Take stock of what you have installed and see if there is anything you are ready to part with. Have you finished God of War 4? Uninstall. No longer playing Overwatch? Get rid of it. The goal is to free up as much space as possible.

Get more storage

If you don’t want to part with installed games, look for an external hard drive. There are many that can hold terabytes of data and connect directly to your PS4 via USB. You can buy a 1TB pocket WD Elements external hard drive on sale for $ 50, or a 5TB version for double. If you don’t need something this small and don’t mind an external hard drive with an AC adapter, Seagate has great high-capacity drives, and you can usually get 6TB for around 120 $.

Install games in order of size

If you’ve just purchased a PS4 or want to start with a clean hard drive, install the games that take up the most space first. In this way, you reduce your chances of encountering this famous “insufficient free space error” and you will have five times more space Remake of Final Fantasy VII. From there, install the rest of the games you want in descending order of size. If that still isn’t enough, consider purchasing an external drive.


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