Hello british dr hilary warns people not to wash their cars while coronavirus is locked


Hello, Dr. Hilary Jones of Great Britain has warned people against washing their cars while the coronavirus is locked.

Presenter Piers Morgan asked the health expert if he was sure to wash his Aston Martin on the street.

Dr. Hilary told people to avoid washing their cars while the coronavirus is locked

He said, “Can I wash my Aston Martin on the street? The windows are getting all dirty and I have to go to work.

“I imagine there are a lot of people driving, not Aston Martins, but vans, trucks.

” What is the rule? There is no open car wash. Are you allowed, according to government directives, to wash your car? “

But Piers was outraged when Dr. Hilary urged him not to wash his car.

He replied, “Washing your car is not essential, apart from the windshield for added safety.

“Leave your dirty car for the time being.” “

Piers argued, “But if you are an essential worker, you must use your car to travel. “

The doctor continued, “You don’t need bright bumpers to get to work. You just need a clean windshield. “

Piers added: “In fact, I ask on behalf of all those who drive. If there is no normal car wash available, are you allowed to wash it on your street. “

Dr. Hilary replied, “I don’t think you need to take out the hose and the bucket and the soap. You really don’t need to do it. Just clean the window, grab a cloth and go. “

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