Heartmoken Gatehead female emotional tribute to deceased ‘incredible’ sister and nurse from Covid-19


A Gateshead woman paid tribute to her “incredible” sister who was confirmed as one of the NHS health workers who died of a coronavirus.

Sara Trollope, 51, had dedicated her entire 33-year career to the NHS and died at Watford General Hospital after being tested positive for Covid-19.

Ms. Trollope had worked at Hillingdon Hospital and was praised for her empathy and support for the elderly with dementia.

The mother of four is believed to be one of at least 21 health workers who have lost their lives due to illness.

Trollope’s sister Leanne Breckons paid tribute to her “angel corona” speaking to BBC News from her home in Gateshead.

She told the BBC: “For Sara, he was the most incredible person there was. She was a mental health matron, she was a woman, she was a mother, she was a nan, she was a sister.

“She was just beautiful and for us as a family we think her situation is that in her mental health unit she had a coronavirus patient that she would have treated, fed and cleaned up.

“He then showed symptoms of the virus, he was then isolated and the staff had the necessary PPE – which was the basic PPE of the directives that the government issued concerning the apron, the gloves and unfortunately for Sara, I think it was too late. She had already contracted the virus at that time. Unfortunately, she did not succeed.

Sara Trollope pictured with Prime Minister Boris Johnson

“My brother-in-law was able to say goodbye to her when we unfortunately got the phone call to tell her that she couldn’t do it.

“For that, we will always be eternally grateful to Watford General Hospital because it is something my sister said: if her room became a COVID room, she would allow any family to say goodbye to her and she would explain the dangers that arise when entering and saying goodbye. .

“Watford gave Gary the opportunity to say goodbye and for us it was very comfortable. “

Sara had her picture taken with Prime Minister Boris Johnson a year ago when he visited his hospital in his constituency of Hillingdon, in west London.

Sara, from Watford, cared for seniors with mental health issues, including dementia. She also looked after her husband Gary, a former soldier who suffered life-changing injuries.

Ms. Breckons added: “These weeks before her death were very difficult for her.

“Her co-workers were at work in circumstances they did not expect her to be. She used to attend the daily briefings and her colleagues nicknamed her the fairy corona because they just came to see her and she could give him the support and advice she had gotten at the time.

Sara Trollope died at the age of 51 after contracting a coronavirus
Sara Trollope died at the age of 51 after contracting a coronavirus

“So for us as a family now, she is our angel corona. “

The coronavirus death rate in the UK has just passed the 10,000 mark, while Britain is far from reaching the peak of hospitalizations due to the virus.

Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, said that the UK appeared to be on the verge of “one of the worst, if not the worst” death rates in Europe.

A further 737 people in the UK died after contracting Covid-19 in the UK, bringing the number of hospital deaths to 10,612.

And Ms. Breckons has issued a harsh warning to members of the public about the devastating consequences the virus can have on families.

She added, “People need to realize that the front line people and all the NHS staff, all the caregivers and people who work in nursing homes and in the community, these people have family behind they and they die there.

“What the public needs to understand is that we have lost family members. When this lockdown ends, I cannot go to visit my sister. I can’t go give her a hug, I can’t tell her that I love her.

“People continue to do it now with their families and they have to stop. It’s not fair for people who have lost loved ones. We are never going to have this opportunity again and when this lockout ends, they will have this opportunity. “

“They have to make sure that those who lose their lives do not die in vain and that is really important.

“If anything comes from the loss of my sister Sara, it is that she did not lose her life in vain and she died doing what she passionately loved.

“She was a very old-fashioned nurse who was breastfeeding and for us, her patient survived. This is what she would have wanted. “


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