Health officials recommend non-medical masks and give safety advice


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The evidence that asymptomatic people are spreading COVID-19 is increasing.

Health authorities advise residents to wear non-medical masks in cases where physical distance is difficult to maintain. Appropriate masks and respirators should be kept for health workers and others providing direct care to COVID-19 patients.

“There is no evidence that wearing a non-medical mask, such as a homemade cloth mask, protects the wearer. However, it can be useful in protecting others around you, “said Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw.

The mask will keep droplets away from other people, so the virus is most easily spread. It can also prevent people from touching their noses and mouths.

She added that physical distance and frequent hand washing are always the best protection.

When you wear a mask:

– Wash your hands immediately before putting it on and immediately after removing it (in addition to practicing good hand hygiene while wearing it)
– Make sure it fits well (not yawning)
– Do not share with others
– Avoid touching the mask while wearing it
– Change your mask as soon as it is wet or dirty

– Only wear masks for a short time

– Suppose the mask was contaminated after being worn and wash it before reuse.


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