Health expert fears wave of Liverpool coronavirus death may be linked to Atletico Madrid match


A public health professor believes that an increase in deaths from coronavirus in Liverpool may be in part linked to a controversial football match last month.

Today, the Royal Liverpool NHS Hospital Trust has reported 21 other deaths in the city of people who tested positive for the coronavirus.

Before today, there had only been one death recorded in the city.

The dates provided by the NHS England show that those who unfortunately died after testing positive for the coronavirus did so between March 19 and April 1.

Four of those who lost their lives in Liverpool did so yesterday.

Professor John Ashton of Liverpool is a former regional director of public health and has strongly criticized the government’s approach to tackling the coronavirus epidemic – and the failure to close the country earlier.

And he stressed that a Champions League match between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool on March 11 would be a potential contributing factor to soaring Liverpool deaths.

Professor Ashton was one of the many voices questioning the decision to allow 3,000 Madrid supporters to travel to Liverpool in March – when an acute Covid-19 epidemic in Madrid occurred at the time, which means that Atletico’s own home games were played behind closed doors. doors.

And the public health expert says the timing of the new deaths means there may well be a connection.

He said, “It is difficult to determine without detailed dates.

“We need to know if any of these people went to this game or if they had close friends or relatives.

“But what we can say is that the timeline is fine.

Professor John Ashton

“It is generally the case that people start to show symptoms a week after infection, and those who become very poor do so a week later.

“Unfortunately, three weeks after the death of some people, some of these deaths certainly correspond to the match schedule. “

As Professor Ashton says, it cannot be confirmed whether the normal match contributed to the death in the city, but there was widespread concern at the time.

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Coronavirus last

City politicians, including Mayor Joe Anderson and local MPs Ian Byrne, Dan Carden and Maria Eagle, have all wondered if it was prudent to encourage Madrid fans to travel to Liverpool to mingle to the city and to attend a crowded Anfield.

Ms. Eagle raised the issue in Parliament, but the government has not suggested that it should not have gone ahead as usual.

And these fears have been continuously expressed in the city in recent days, with official data on Liverpool coronavirus cases increasing sharply.


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