Hawaii registers the 9th death of coronavirus while the confirmed cases reach 486; Maui Memorial Cluster Grows


UPDATE: 1:10 p.m.

The State Department of Health announced today the ninth death from a coronavirus in Hawaii, a woman over the age of 65 with underlying health conditions.

The woman tested positive for the virus and was hospitalized in Oahu, state officials said this afternoon. No further information was immediately published.

Of the 21 new cases reported today across the state, health officials said 20 were adults and one minor, according to the state’s COVID-19 Joint Information Center. Of these, 16 are residents of Hawaii, two are non-residents and three cases are of unknown residence and awaiting investigation, the center said.

Eleven of the new cases are of community origin, while 10 are unknown, but none are associated with displacement, officials said, adding that Lanai remains the only island to have reported no cases.

The Information Center also said that of the 17,747 coronavirus tests done so far by state labs and clinics on the islands, 484, or 2.7%, were positive. (This number does not include the two out-of-state Hawaii residents who are also counted in the total of 486 cases in Hawaii.)

Health officials also said this afternoon that a total of 29 people at Maui Memorial Medical Center have tested positive as the case group at Wailuku Hospital continues to grow. They said 90 hospital staff and 36 patients had been tested. As of Friday, the hospital reported 19 positive test results.

However, health department officials said the medical center cluster “was not a hospital-wide problem at the moment, but involved at least two services with the chronic care service as the goal main “.

Of the 29 positive results, they said, “some appear to be separate introductions and not necessarily infections associated with MMMC / health care”. They did not provide further details on the increase in the Maui Memorial, saying the investigation was underway.

“The DOH will assist MMMC in informing recently discharged or treated patients who may be associated with the services and staff involved,” they said.

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Hawaii’s Department of Health officials said today the state’s number of coronavirus cases has increased to 486 from 21 compared with Friday.

Of all the cases confirmed in Hawaii since the start of the epidemic, 44 have required hospitalizations, and two new hospitalizations have been reported today, health officials said.

The death toll from coronaviruses is eight, unchanged from Friday. Five of the deaths occurred in Oahu and three in Maui.

The state’s current total includes 348 cases in Oahu, 80 in Maui County, 34 on the island of Hawaii and 19 in Kauai County, according to health officials.

Maui County saw the largest daily increase, according to figures released late this morning.

In total, state officials today reported 14 new cases in Maui County, five new cases in Oahu, three on the island of Hawaii and no new cases in Kauai. Health officials say the sum of changes by county is “greater than the number of new cases reported across the state due to the reclassification of previously reported pending cases into county totals as more information is collected “

The state-wide total also includes two residents of Hawaii diagnosed outside the state. Three cases in the state total are awaiting county identification, one less than Friday.

A total of 300 patients have recovered since the start of the epidemic, with health officials reporting 16 new cases of recovery today. More than 60% of those infected in Hawaii are now classified as cured.

By county, Honolulu has seen 223 patients recover, Maui has had 40 recoveries, the Big Island has had 25, and Kauai has seen 12 at noon today, according to the Department of Health.

Of the state’s 44 hospitalizations, 36 were in Oahu, seven in Maui and one in Kauai.

Health officials in Hawaii on Friday announced the seventh and eighth deaths of COVID-19 in the state, and the Maui Memorial Medical Center said that the group of cases at Wailuku Hospital had grown to 19, including three other health workers and one patient.


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