Harry Maguire thanked after last act of generosity from Manchester United defender


Manchester United captain Harry Maguire provides food and basic necessities to retirees from his native Sheffield.

British star Maguire wanted to do something to help elderly residents – unable to go out due to the coronavirus pandemic – in the village of Mosborough, where he grew up.

The 27-year-old organized the distribution of the parcels to people aged 70 and over and chose two local businesses to deliver them to those who need them, to further help the local community.

The Maguire Act is the last act of generosity of the defender, who played a key role in the formation of #PlayersTogether, the movement that will see players donating large chunks of their wages to the NHS to help fight the Covid-19 epidemic.

A message posted on the Facebook page of the Mosborough Community Forum said, “We have been contacted by local boy Harry Maguire and we have some good news to share.

“The footballer from Manchester United and England kindly offered to provide a package of essential food items to the elderly (70 and over) in the district of Mosborough.

Skipper United does its part

“Harry recognizes the difficulty for some of our older residents to get out and get around now – as well as the incredible friends, family and caregivers who cared for them.”

“Therefore, he wanted to do something to help. Harry makes sure that the food packages are kindly prepared by Herrings Top Shop. These will then be delivered by Fields Fruit and Veg, so it’s a real community effort.

“It will be one package per household and the deadline for sending us the information will be Wednesday, April 15.

“Herrings Top Shop and Fields Fruit and Veg will therefore endeavor to have them delivered to everyone as soon as possible.

“In addition to the two retailers, we would just like to thank Harry and his family for this kind act and for helping the elderly in the Mosborough community.”


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