Harry Maguire asks team to donate salary to Manchester hospitals


Manchester United captain Harry Maguire asked the whole team to donate 30% of their salary to charity.

The mirror reports that Maguire sent a message to the entire first team asking them to donate to hospitals in Manchester.

It is understood that Captain Harry has been in talks with Executive Vice President Ed Woodward about the idea and has been given the green light to move forward.

It follows a call from Secretary of State for Health and Social Affairs Matt Hancock for professional footballers “to make a contribution, take a cut and play their part.”

The Mirror says that “players overwhelmingly support the donation because they want us to do our part.”

It’s a fantastic gesture from Maguire, who leads by example and offers a captain’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

The United players as a whole were shining examples during the lockout.

Players such as Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba, David de Gea, Jesse Lingard, Luke Shaw, Dan James and Aaron Wan-Bissaka have all raised funds for various causes related to COVID.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer congratulated his players for their response. “We all know, sometimes, that we are the heroes but, for the moment, we can be the rescue support,” said the boss on the official website.

“The NHS and the health service are the real heroes now.”

“I think it’s important to us as footballers, and we work as role models, we have a difference to make and we can do it just by sending messages on social media and so on.”

This is something else the team has taken up the challenge of, regularly sending a mix of inspiring, informative and entertaining messages on social media to keep in touch with the fans.

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