Harrison Ford piloting an airplane that crosses the runway


Harrison Ford was flying an airplane that wrongly crossed a runway where another plane was landing, and federal authorities are investigating, officials and a representative for the actor said on Wednesday.

Ford was in command of a small plane Friday at Hawthorne Airport in the Los Angeles area when, according to a press release published by the Ford advertiser, he crossed the runway after having misunderstood a traffic control instruction Aerial.

“He immediately recognized the error and apologized to ATC for the error,” said press release by journalist Ina Treciokas.

“No one was injured and there was never a danger of a collision. “

It was the last of several similar incidents over the years for the 77-year-old actor, who played swashbuckling smuggler Han Solo in the Star Wars movie franchise. He frequently collects and flies airplanes and helicopters.

Without naming Ford, the Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday that a two-seat Aviat Husky aircraft had crossed the runway while another aircraft made a touchdown landing just over half a mile away.

Ford’s statement says the purpose of his flight was “to maintain the currency and the jurisdiction of the aircraft.” “

In 2017, Ford flew its low-power single-engine private plane over an American Airlines passenger jet with 116 people on board for a few moments before landing in error on a taxiway at John Airport. Wayne from Santa Ana, California. The FAA did not discipline him for the incident, but asked him to undergo awareness training.

In 2015, Ford was injured in the crash of its World War II aircraft on a Los Angeles golf course after an engine failure. Federal investigators found that Ford was not responsible for the accident, which was entirely mechanical.


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