Hannah Ann revealed what happened after Peter Weber proposed to her


The final of The single person it looks like it happened the last decade (thank you, social isolation!) but it was only a few weeks ago. Fans were extremely disappointed with Weber’s decision to end her engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss, especially after one of the quieter seasons in Bachelor history.

Recently, Sluss was a guest on Nick Viall’s podcast, Viall files. She explained how she handled quarantine, but more importantly, Sluss revealed what had happened in the months before The single person final.

Here’s what happened between Sluss and Weber in no time.

Hannah Ann explains what happened after Peter Weber's proposal
Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Peter Weber canceled his engagement with Hannah Ann

Shortly after Weber and Sluss returned to California, he only invited her home to break up with her. In his awkward breakup speech, Sluss asked Weber, “Why didn’t you just let me go? “

Weber tried to apologize for his actions, but Sluss interrupted, “Sorry for what? I said “yes” and did I understand? The two didn’t speak again until the live part of the finale, where Sluss told Weber to “become a real man.”

Hannah Ann mourned the loss of Peter and her mom, Barbara

During her conversation with Viall, Sluss mentioned how she should “cry and move on” about her breakup not only with Weber, but also with Barbara. Sluss said she “worships” Barbara and “is considering a second mother,” but to move forward, Sluss realized that she had to isolate herself from Weber and the rest of her family.

What happened after Peter Weber’s proposal

Before Weber canceled the engagement, he and Sluss shared a few days as a “happy couple”. Viall explained the “weird days” after a single proposal, noting “happy couple weekends” where the new couple is somewhere to get to know each other. “You come out of this crazy show, and everyone is like” Goodbye, good luck! Good engagement! Said Viall.

Viall then asked Sluss what all the other fans The single person wonders since the broadcast of the final:

What did you talk about right after the engagement? What questions did you have? When did you feel that things were going a little bad or did you question yourself? Or were you on a honeymoon?

Nick Viall, Viall files

Sluss explained how she and Weber spent a few extra days “in hiding” in Australia. “We had the best days,” admitted Sluss, adding how she and Weber spent their time “seeing who each other day by day without the eyes and the pressure of the cameras around – being together without having these microphones on [their] back. “

Meanwhile, Sluss said she and Weber had asked a lot of questions to help them get to know each other better. Sluss listed some of the “common questions” she asked Weber, including “What’s your favorite meal?” And “What is your cell phone number?”.

Sluss also shared that she and Weber discussed future plans, jobs and his possible move to California before he revoked their engagement.

The “Family of Nine” group chat

During her interview with Viall, Sluss explained how important it was for her and Weber to know each other. Despite their limited contact after the show ended, Sluss said they had had a group conversation that included the two families ” [they] could feel united even if we were separated from each other. The group’s message was aptly titled “Family of Nine”.

According to Sluss, it was the “coolest part” of his time after the engagement with Weber. FaceTiming with his family was “surreal because [she] hadn’t spoken [her] from the hometowns. ”

By the time the “hometowns” were released, Sluss and Weber had already broken up. And as they say, the rest of Sluss and Weber’s history is history.


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