“Hang on a little longer,” warns the mayor of Toronto as the province publishes its reopening plan.


Mayor John Tory says there is “every chance” that some restrictions on public life can be lifted by the end of May, but says residents must continue to be “disciplined” in their physical efforts to make it a reality.

The province released a framework on Monday to restart the economy, which it says will start as soon as there is a “consistent” two to four week decrease in the number of new COVID-19 cases as well as a decrease the rate of cases that cannot be traced to a specific source.

The framework indicates that businesses and outdoor spaces will reopen in three stages and could start with parks and “select workplaces” that can “immediately meet or modify operations” to comply with public health directives. The resumption of certain non-urgent and scheduled surgeries will also be part of the first stage of the reopening.

Speaking at CP24 on Tuesday, Tory said that although there is no specific date included in the frame, the document gives him hope that some companies may reopen in late May, given the number of COVID-19 cases being confirmed every day now appear to be on a downward trajectory.

Tory, however, said residents must “hang on” a little longer, so we can be sure that once the restrictions are lifted, there will be no “relapse” that would force the closure of some companies.

“He (the executive) said that if we have two to four weeks of new cases in constant decline and what is not, then you can go to phase one of the reopening as much as we do not want to hear what he says that it means two to four weeks more of actual and disciplined physical distance, staying at home and not doing the things we want to do will bring us to the stage where some businesses may start to reopen, “he said. he declares. “The worst thing that can happen is that we would reopen, then there would be some sort of relapse and we would be closed again. I think people would find it much worse than a few more weeks when we stay there, do what we have to do and do it right. “

Tory said the city would work “hand in hand” with the province to revive the economy and ensure that the dates and times it chooses to lift or relax its own restrictions are “not very different “From those of Queen’s Park.

He said there are also conversations going on about how to reopen things like restaurants, on which the provincial framework did not provide specific directives.

“Make all the tables or both tables, open them every day or every two days. These are all questions, none of which at this time have definitive answers, “he said.


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