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Halle Berry strips naked to participate in #PillowChallenge


Halle Berry was the last to participate in the viral #PillowChallenge, where participants use their pillows and belts to create high fashion outfits.

Let Halle Berry even make a pillow. On Wednesday, the actress tried her hand at #PillowChallenge, the latest trend to go viral on social media. Like most of the hottest fashions at the moment, the #PillowChallenge was born out of the widespread collective boredom of quarantine, but it seems that most of the participants are having a lot of fun with it. Tons of social media users are turning their pillows into full-fledged outfits by fastening the padded garment to their bodies with a belt. It may sound silly and it may sound silly, but if you’re Halle Berry, even silly looks hot.

“You already KNOW you can’t help but participate in #PillowChallenge,” she wrote in the caption for the photo on Instagram. Wearing nothing but a hat, sunglasses and heels, Halle took his navy pillow and tied it to the front of his body with a black belt. She began to take a pose in the middle of her lush garden, transforming her bedding into a runway-like look.

Halle Berry Pillow Challenge Strip instagram nakedKevin Winter / Getty Images

The publication received some love from La La Anthony, D-Nice, Rubi Rose, etc., all of whom endorsed the avant-garde concept. Who knew pillows could be so avant-garde?



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