Halle Berry responds after being dragged for letting her six-year-old son wear high heels


Halle Berry retaliated after being viciously dragged for letting her six-year-old son wear high heels.

The Hollywood actress shared a video of her baby boy Maceo-Robert dancing around wearing a pair of his shoes as they tried to keep themselves entertained during the lockout.

Halle, 53, captioned the message: “Quarantine Day 12.”

She was bombarded with cruel comments, including a message from a troll who questioned the sex of her child, writing: ”
Is it your daughter or your son? “

Halle replied, “Well, it’s him and he has a ball. Tryna is coping as best he can. Laughter is helping a lot right now! “

Halle Berry filmed her six-year-old son Maceo-Robert wearing high heels

Another added: “Obviously, he is not supposed to be on his heels”, and another warned that the youngster could end up with “broken bones”.

However, Halle responded by insisting that the family was just trying to laugh while being trapped inside.

She wrote, “Harmless pleasure. Tryna is surviving right now. Do you feel me? … Being locked up becomes more comical every day. “

She called it “harmless pleasure” during quarantine

Halle is the mother of two children from previous relationships

She added; “No broken bones on your day.” Thank God. But this quarantine is REAL REAL! “

The Monster’s Ball added, “It’s tight for these kids right now. Let us laugh and bellow with compassion. “

Many fans supported Halle and revealed that their own children also played dressing.

Another joked that isolated families around the world “collectively lose” during social distancing, and Halle replied, “Yes, we are. !!!!! “

Halle, who is also the mother of her 12-year-old daughter Nahla, previously insisted that she wanted to keep her children out of the spotlight and never shows their faces on social media.

The actress has a daughter Nahla, 12, from her relationship with Gabriel Aubry, and Maceo from her marriage to Olivier Martinez

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She told America’s Today, “I just don’t want to stick them all over the Internet.

“It doesn’t seem fair to me. They will do it soon enough. It will be their life when they grow up, and they will choose when it starts.

“I have fought very hard to protect their privacy, and I just want them to have their lives and be theirs. “

The actress is the mother of Nahla from her relationship with Gabriel Aubry and of Maceo from her marriage to Olivier Martinez.


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