Hail devastates hundreds of hectares of Bordeaux vineyards in southwest France | New



PARIS (Reuters) - Une violente tempête de grêle qui a frappé la région viticole de Bordeaux vendredi dernier a causé de graves dommages, plusieurs centaines d'hectares de vignes ayant été presque détruits, notamment dans la célèbre région de Saint-Emilion, a annoncé mardi la chambre d'agriculture locale.

This comes at a time when French winegrowers are already suffering from a slowdown in consumption due to the closure of restaurants and bars around the world in order to contain the new coronavirus, as well as the drop in exports caused by additional US rates on French wine since. end of last year.

“It was the last thing we needed,” said the Gironde chamber of agriculture, which includes all Bordeaux vineyards, said in a statement.

“According to our first estimates, between 600 and 800 hectares of vines are damaged by more than 80%,” said the press release.

The storm caused damage in a southwest-northeast corridor from the center of the Entre-Deux Mers area in Saint-Emilion and Castillon to the Dordogne, the board said.

There are approximately 110,000 hectares of vines throughout the Bordeaux vineyard, the second wine region of France after Languedoc Roussillon.

(Report by Sybille de La Hamaide; Editing by Gareth Jones)



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