Gucci plans to reopen one of its Italian sites


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  • Global cases: more than 2,259,317
  • Deaths worldwide: at least 154,694
  • Cases in the United States: more than 706,779
  • Deaths in the United States: at least 37,079

The above data was compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

10:36 am: Gucci plans to reopen prototype activities on its Italian site

A woman wearing a Gucci belt and bag is seen during Paris Fashion Week in September 2018

Christian Vierig | Getty Images

Kering fashion center Gucci plans to reopen prototype activities at one of its main Italian sites next week after reaching an agreement with unions on health and safety measures for workers, a- he declared. Most companies and production sites were closed in Italy as part of a government-imposed lockdown in March due to the coronavirus emergency.

Severe traffic restrictions and the closure of many economic activities will remain in place until at least May 3, but there is not yet a clear plan on how much, or how quickly, they will be relaxed.

Gucci, one of the largest luxury brands in the world in terms of sales, said in a statement that a small group of workers will resume manufacturing prototypes of leather goods and footwear at its ArtLab site near Florence from April 20.

A spokesperson said about 10% of the site’s 1,000 workers will return to work at this point. –Reuters

10:31 a.m .: Pandemic changes the way people celebrate major events and holidays

As the holidays and spring events come and go, many are finding ways to celebrate virtually, reaching friends, family and community members through video conferencing and social media.

This is how many people in the United States adapt their traditions and celebrations to life during a pandemic. —Addie Joseph

10:16 a.m .: These financial advisers applied for the PPP loan. They share some lessons learned

Over 1.6 million small businesses received repayable loans under the $ 349 billion check protection program. Independent financial advisers have also applied for the program, hoping to consolidate their payroll while incomes of assets under management suffer.

Although the P3 program has run out of funding, Congress could fill the pot. Continue to collect your necessary documents and get to know your community bank, just in case.

Here are three lessons from the advisers who requested the funding, so you’re ready when the funding opportunity presents itself. –Darla Mercado

10:10 a.m .: U.S. girdles satellite communications infrastructure in space during pandemic

As commercial traffic grows, US officials are concerned about deep-space political conflicts.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, monitoring and protecting our country’s satellites from accidental accidents or deliberate interference is essential.

Currently, four GSSAP satellites are in orbit, and two more are expected to be launched this year. They are part of an increasingly intense look at space beyond the low Earth orbit: from the geosynchronous orbit, or GEO, to the Moon. –Sarah Scoles, special on

9:44 a.m .: Great Britain is considering new ways to support businesses financially

Britain is considering a new bailout to help companies affected by the coronavirus, Sky News reported, saying that individual business loans could be grouped into securities. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak has already put in place a range of different plans to help businesses through a national foreclosure that has effectively blocked large parts of the world’s fifth largest economy.

Sunak is now considering an additional program to help provide loans to businesses in sectors considered to make a material contribution to the economy such as aviation, retail and hospitality, Sky News quoted a document as circulating to City of London institutions by the Department of Finance.

Asked about the report, the finance ministry said, “We are still open to ways to improve the package, but no decision has been made. “-Reuters

9:41 a.m .: Spain to end football season without supporters in stadiums

Dominique Faget | AFP | Getty Images

Football matches and other sporting events in Spain will take place in empty places at least until the end of the summer, said the mayor of Madrid. José Luis Martínez-Almeida told radio station Onda Cero that the coronavirus pandemic “is unlikely to be under control” by then so that events with large crowds resume normally.

“In spring and summer there will be no crowd events in Spain, and perhaps not in the fall either,” said Martínez-Almeida. “Because obviously the situation will not be entirely under control. We will have to change our habits and behaviors even after being allowed to go back to the streets. “

Spain was one of the hardest hit countries with more than 190,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19, behind only the United States. More than 20,000 have died in the European nation.

The Spanish league is not expected to resume at least until the end of May. President Javier Tebas has said he expects to play the first games in empty stadiums and that the league is also working on other scenarios, including playing without supporters during the fall.

“Football without supporters in summer is a possibility, as long as health and safety conditions are respected,” said Martínez-Almeida. –Associated press

9:26 a.m .: this is what life would look like after a place of refuge in the United States

The United States and the rest of the world are watching Chinese and South Korean citizens closely attempt to resume a normal life and try to assume what the recovery might tell them about their own future.

Watch the video below to find out more. –Magdalena Petrova

9:15 a.m .: The stock market rises on the hope of a pharmaceutical solution to the virus

While big spending and small business loans offer short-term relief, investors say a cure for coronavirus is the # 1 starting signal they expect to return to the current market.

So far, the race to develop a Covid-19 vaccine includes major drug makers Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna.

This upward trend for a pharmaceutical solution was well visible this week, when a report said that a Chicago hospital using Gilead’s remdesivir in a trial appeared to relieve Covid-19 symptoms in the majority of patients treated with the drug.

“As long as you don’t have an effective treatment or vaccine, you are in the cloud of second wave risk and people are more careful about how they interact,” said a market strategist. –Thomas franck

9:10 a.m .: Confirmed cases in the United States continue to climb

8:53 am: New York businesses stay open by helping with relief efforts and going virtual

Across New York City, businesses have little resemblance to their pre-pandemic operations. Fashion designers sew masks instead of clothing, restaurants have turned into grocery stores, and distilleries make alcohol that is too strong to drink.

Business owners have identified where demand changed during the Covid-19 crisis and found ways to grow their businesses.

For many New Yorkers, this is a feeling reminiscent of September 11, when the whole city was plunged into a new reality and the neighbors sought to help each other. This time, New Yorkers are rebuilding from a safe distance and often over the Internet. –Lauren Feiner

8:25 a.m .: Nations debate easing isolation as economic worsens

People walk past a red and white police warning tape in Plainpalais, Geneva, April 16, 2020, during the lockout due to the novel coronavirus, Covid-19.

Fabrice Coffrini | AFP via Getty Images

Faced with rising unemployment and many of their citizens struggling to make ends meet, governments around the world are struggling to determine when and how to loosen restrictions to control the coronavirus pandemic. Mandatory bans to stop the spread of the new virus, which has infected more than 2.2 million people so far and for which there is no vaccine, has created widespread difficulties.

In a joint statement, a group of 13 countries, including Canada, Brazil, Italy and Germany, called for global cooperation to mitigate the economic impact of the pandemic.

“It is vital that we work together to save lives and livelihoods,” they said.

The group, which also includes Britain, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, South Korea, Singapore and Turkey, said it was determined to “work with all countries to coordinate public health, travel, trade, economics and finance. to minimize disruption and recover stronger. “-Associated press

8:15 a.m .: the death toll in Switzerland reaches 1,111 and infections reach 27,404

The Swiss death toll from the new coronavirus reached 1,111 people, according to the country’s public health agency, against 1,059 a day earlier.

The number of people with positive tests for the disease rose to 27,404, the agency said, down from 27,078. –Reuters

8:00 am: cases in the Netherlands exceed 31,000, with 142 new deaths

The Netherlands has reported an additional 1,140 new cases of coronavirus, health officials said on Saturday, bringing the total number of Covid-19 infections to 31,589.

Dutch health officials have also recorded 142 new deaths from the coronavirus, Reuters reported. – Sam Meredith

7.20am: death toll in Spain exceeds 20,000

The death toll from coronaviruses in Spain has risen to 20,043, the country’s health ministry said on Saturday, according to several media reports, against 19,478 on Friday.

In second place after the United States in the world, Spain recorded the highest number of cases of coronavirus in Europe. – Sam Meredith

A woman wearing a sanitary mask as a precaution, leaving the train during the first day of work for non-essential sectors. Barcelona is facing its 31st day of containment due to the contagion of Covid-19.

Paco Freire | SOPA Images | LightRocket via Getty Images

6:35 a.m .: Nigerian president’s chief of staff dies after contracting Covid-19, spokesman

Nigerian President’s chief of staff, Abba Kyari, died after contracting the coronavirus, official government spokesman confirmed on Twitter on Saturday.

Kyari, who is said to be in his 60s, is said to have received treatment for Covid-19 but died on Friday, Presidential spokesman Garba Shehu said.

To date, the West African country has registered 493 cases of coronavirus, with 17 deaths nationwide, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. – Sam Meredith

5:40 am: Iran records 73 additional deaths

Iran has confirmed 73 more deaths from the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, Reuters reported on Saturday, citing a health ministry official.

To date, the Islamic Republic has registered 80,868 Covid-19 infections. – Sam Meredith

A man wears a respiratory mask after death and new confirmed cases revealed by the coronavirus in Qom, Iran, on February 25, 2020.

Limon | Anadolu agency via Getty Images


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