Grimes wants you to finish his video clip “I will miss you when I am not here”


It's just Grimes and a green screen for her latest video "I will miss you when I am not here", released Wednesday April 1, because she wants fans to fill it up.

Aside from his embroidered costume to complete his science fiction Miss Anthropocene look, she abandoned her usual CGI theaters because of her pregnancy. But she mentioned in the YouTube video biography that it shouldn't stop other visual artists from getting creative.

"Because we're all locked out, we thought if people got bored and wanted to learn new things, we could publish the raw components of one of them for anyone who wants to try to create stuff by using our images, ”wrote Grimes with a WeTransfer link. which contains the green screen images, the audio clips of the song, the illustrations for the single and other user-friendly visual tools.

Grimes recalled that messing around for his clip “Delete Forever” opened his eyes to the endless variations of the video. The 32-year-old electro-pop artist has therefore created four other lyrical video templates on green screen to use as visuals for the album even if his creative team is not at the helm. Considering that "Grimes grew up on bootleg sampling and DIY creation", according to a press release, it is not surprising that it calls on creators from all corners of the Internet to contribute their own music " I will miss you when I am not there »videos.

"Anyway, we were inspired by all the amazing art that is sent to us, so I hope some of these things come in handy when the days are long and alone," wrote Grimes under the non clip. edited.

Creators can publish their versions of the clip on YouTube and share a link on Twitter using #grimesartkit for the ability to repost them on their social media accounts.

Check out the super raw cut from "I'll miss you when I'm not around" below.


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