Grey’s Anatomy Recap, season 16, episode 20: “Sing again”


Grey’s anatomy

Sing again

Season 16

Episode 20

Editor’s note

3 stars

Photo: ABC

Well, Gray Sloan’s neuro team has their hands full of course right now, right? The three main stories in this episode are related to our brain surgeons in one way or another, and I don’t know anything about the staff at a hospital, but maybe we should have more than Amelia and Tom walking around with precious brains in their busy hands.

Most importantly, there is Richard Webber. He returned from this disastrous conference – which turned him into a meme because people are horrible – and immediately admitted Gray Sloan. He has no idea what’s going on, thinks people are overreacting and still believes that Catherine was with him in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Bailey, Meredith, Maggie and Jackson have opened a war room in the hopes of understanding what’s going on with him. None of the returned test results make any sense, and Amelia’s analyzes show nothing useful. People obviously suggest that it could be dementia, it could be Alzheimer’s disease, but Meredith insists: she knows what Alzheimer’s disease looks like and that’s not it. They have to keep digging. Even after she and Maggie administered a cognitive skills test and Richard couldn’t do any of the exercises on it, Meredith was adamant that it was not Alzheimer’s.


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