“Grey’s Anatomy” Final Recap: Season 16, Episode 21 – Owen and Teddy


Warning: the following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season 16 finale Grey’s anatomy. If you prefer to watch first, read later, clean up.

For an episode that was never supposed to be the season finale, Thursday Grey’s anatomy certainly did the trick. (For information on what the planned The season finale would have resulted, directly from showrunner Krista Vernoff, click here.) In addition to revealing the reason for Richard’s deterioration, the episode inaugurated the world of Amelia and Link’s son, bringing Meredith and Cormac from a first date and giving Owen an ear that prompted him to give up his marriage and that of Teddy. What exactly did he hear? Keep reading and I’ll try to do justice to the revealing voicemail.

Grays Anatomy Finale Recap Season 16 Episode 21 Owen Teddy “THIS IS A MOMENT OF CAREER DEFINITION” | As “Put On a Happy Face” started, Meredith, DeLuca and their peers worked around the clock to diagnose Richard. Well, some of them were anyway. Koracick, Amelia and Maggie were so convinced that he had Alzheimer’s disease that Catherine was going to bring the patient home. Fortunately, before she could, they discovered that he had lost sensation in his feet. And his hands. WTF? He was found to have severe acute degeneration of the motor and sensory nerve, which Mer quickly pointed out was incompatible with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. She was right from the start! Then it was DeLuca’s turn to shine. No sooner had Richard entered O.R. for a biopsy that Andrew ran, knocked over all of Bailey’s sterile equipment from their trays and announced that Webber had undergone a hip replacement. If this new hip was made of cobalt, it could deteriorate and thus cause all of its symptoms. And it was – DeLuca was right!

Elsewhere, Tom was surprised to learn that Owen and Teddy were hooked that night. According to Koracick, she was running down the aisle with her babydaddy hoping to convince herself that she could live without her real Mr. Right. “I have seen some marriages with shotguns,” he cracked, “but generally speaking, it is not the bride who holds the gun. Later, he called Teddy into his office and begged him not to ruin his life. That night, he was waiting for her in his car in Lot B to take her wherever she wanted to go. Between kisses, she admitted, “I love you too,” and while the lovers were busy on the couch, the bride-to-be dropped her cell phone in such a way that he apparently dialed the number. Owen. So when he asked Levi to read the message out loud while they were in surgery, all that was missing was a bow-chicka-bow bow soundtrack. “Teddy’s idea of ​​a wedding present,” he said, trying to shed light on the message before anyone heard who was making his fiancée moan.

Grays Anatomy Finale Recap Season 16 Episode 21 Owen Teddy “YOU HAVE STOLEN THE FATHER OF MY BABY WHILE I AM IN ACTIVE WORK! “ | Meanwhile, Jackson, Jo and Cormac were preparing to operate on a teenage girl named Daya to implant some of the leg muscles so that she could do for the first time what the title of the episode said. Since the daughter was impatient for her widowed father to slide right and already go back there, talk to the O.R. turned to dating. What was the photo of Jackson’s dating app? Asked Jo. “A shirtless selfie of you on your yacht or jet?” »Ha. When Cormac admitted that he did not have a profile picture, or even a profile picture, Jo noted that, of course, he did not have it – he had his own personal matchmaker. What this mean? he wanted to know. Increasingly, he got the impression that people were discussing his personal life in a way he was unaware of. At Gray Sloan? You think? The operation was a success, BTW. And dad never swiped right, we learned, because he was already going out with his daughter’s algebra teacher.

In other developments, Amelia’s busy day of surgery was interrupted when her water broke. She and Link were ready to go, however, their usual adorable self. Just a teenage problem: Bailey needed Link to remove Richard’s toxic hip, stat. He could leave, said Amelia – but Bailey had to stay and hold her hand. While the expectant mother was amazed that anyone could ever suffer from labor pain, she realized … oh, she made Bailey sit during birth after losing her daughter. It was good, Bailey assured him. She was going nowhere; it was against the rules of the Pregnancy Club. (Aww.) While they and Carina welcomed the newborn, Link removed tons of mud from Richard’s hip. “If it happens to other people,” he told DeLuca, “it will be a game-changer. It was already for Richard – the surgery was successful.

‘HE IS HANDSOME’ | As the time and the season ended, Link was introduced to his son. “He’s so small,” he marveled. “Don’t say that to the person who just chased him,” replied Amelia. These two are going to be a fun mom-and-pop operation! Once out of the surgery, Owen listened to Teddy’s accidental message in its entirety and heard her insist that she was not going to run away with Tom. “It was a goodbye,” she told him. This was hardly a consolation for Hunt, who phoned his mother to tell him that he had been called in for last-minute surgery and that all the wedding guests had been sent home. Unaware that it had been exploded, Teddy was shocked. Back at Gray Sloan, when Richard woke up, he knew his name, where he was … “If it’s a quiz, you might want to ask more difficult questions,” he told Jackson and Maggie. He seemed to be right like the rain.

In other words, he was right like the rain until Catherine entered. Sure, cottage changed her mind during her medical crisis, but that did not diminish her anger towards her. He still didn’t want anything to do with his Cleopatra. As Mer left the hospital, Cormac asked her to drink, but she was too exhausted. “Will you ask me another time?” You bet he would. Then she found DeLuca walked out on the floor, panicked and unsure of what was wrong. So she kindly helped him in and out. If he needed a lawyer – and he clearly did – he couldn’t have asked for a better one. So what did you think of “Put On a Happy Face”? Rate the finale in the poll below, then hit the comments with your hopes and fears for Season 17.


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