Greg Minnaar vs Luca Shaw vs Loris Vergier: 3 Santa Cruz V10 face to face


As no race is planned in the near future, the Syndicate is virtually launching its new colors and bikes. The V10 hasn’t had any major revisions, but the team that popularized larger wheels in downhill racing now has two riders re-introducing 27.5-inch wheels into the mix. Greg Minnaar sticks to the full 29-inch option, but his shorter teammates, Luca Shaw and Loris Vergier, both moved on to installing the mule, with a 29 “wheel in front and a wheel 27.5 ”at the rear on a new frame called the V10 MX. We decided to take the three versions and give them the side. – lateral processing to understand the nuances in the riders’ settings.About the runners

Frames All the pilots are on Santa Cruz V10 with Greg and Luca on XL and Loris on a large one. Only Luca uses the original geometry, as Greg and Loris both use Chris King Buzzwork helmets to give them an additional 8mm range. Buzzworks was first developed in 2014 with the Syndicate and they have been using them to stretch V10s for more than half a decade. Going even further, Greg also extends his bases with a specially machined part which gives him an additional 5 mm on the swingarm.

Greg Minnaar

Luca Shaw

Loris Vergier


The Syndicate is mounted on 29-inch longer wheels than anyone else on the downhill circuit, and Greg is now entering his fourth year on the biggest hoops. Luca and Loris however take a small step aside this year and will execute a mule installed on the V10 MX. Luca and Loris bikes use a brand new swingarm specific to the combination wheel design that keeps the geometry the same as the 29ers they used last year. Major variables. Do you want to know why each cyclist chose his wheel size? Check out the latest Syndicate vlogs here for the list.

We have also tried to get information on tire pressure from the Syndicate, but as it varies from track to track, it is difficult to give an exact number.


OK, it’s time to get super stupid. The Syndicate’s close relationship with Jordi and the Fox team is no secret, and the result is incredibly different configurations. Keep in mind that these are adjusted for the riders’ weight, riding style, individual preferences and World Cup tracks, so emulating them won’t get you much further than some very sore arms. But still, this is not a reason not to get stuck in the cheesy details of the new Fox suspension below (all clicks are measured from the complete closure):

Contact points

Contact points is one of the few areas of bikes where we see changes in specifications between riders. Greg and Luca use the Shimano Saint brakes but Loris breaks the mold and performs XTR. There are also different widths and elevations of bars to analyze.



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