GP and support worker latest NHS employee to die from coronavirus | Society


A general practitioner and a clinical support worker became the last NHS staff member to die after contracting a coronavirus.

Jane Murphy, 73, worked at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary for almost 30 years, first as a cleaning lady before retraining as a clinical support worker. Tributes from colleagues have greeted her as a lifelong mentor and friend.

Dr Krishan Arora, 57, worked at the Violet Lane medical office in Croydon, south London, for 27 years. The Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) confirmed that he died after being tested positive for Covid-19, adding that he was not at work until his death.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government had identified 27 NHS workers who died after contracting a coronavirus, but the actual total would be significantly higher.

The Guardian knows at least 58 private and NHS health workers who have died from the coronavirus. The government is under increasing pressure from the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) in health facilities, as the number of deaths among front line workers is increasing.

Confirmed cases in the UK

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