Governor Brown extends ban on restaurant dining indefinitely to comply with stay at home order


PORTLAND, Oregon – Governor Kate Brown announced Tuesday that a new executive order would extend the ban on dining in restaurants indefinitely, aligning it with her large “Stay at Home, Save Lives” order that didn’t still due date.

“We all want to return to a day when we can visit the restaurants and businesses that have given Oregon its well-deserved culinary reputation and provided so many jobs for Oregonians,” said Governor Brown. “I wish I could say there was a certain date when this could happen. But it would be irresponsible to lift these restrictions in the midst of this outbreak. “

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Executive Order 20-14 extends the ban on eating food and beverages in restaurants until the order is rescinded. The original order, dated 20-07, did not take effect until April 14 “unless it is extended or terminated earlier by the governor.”

The extension was not unexpected, as the measures of social distancing listed in the larger order of stay at Governor Brown’s house are likely to last until the spread of COVID-19 has been significantly reduced. Oregon health officials had previously filed temporary rules whose expiration date has passed this summer in anticipation of extending restaurant restrictions, although they said it was very unlikely that these restrictions last as long.

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“I will work with my medical advisory committee, the Oregon Health Authority and local authorities to continue to assess how and when we can begin to return to an era when public spaces are safe from the spread of COVID-19” said Brown. .

The Governor has issued a similar extension to a previous order declaring an “abnormal market disruption” in Oregon for essential consumer goods and services, allowing the state to suppress price increases.

This is a developing story and will be updated with more details as they emerge.


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