Government deceived the public that the number of deaths in the United Kingdom was lower than that of France News


The global death comparison chart used in the television briefing on Monday, April 13, showed that the deaths of Covid-19 in France were just over 14,000, compared to 11,329 confirmed hospital deaths in the United Kingdom. Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Patrick Vallance said the graph “only looks at deaths in hospital.”

But, according to Public Health France, the figure for France includes deaths from outside hospitals, such as in nursing homes. In fact, on April 13, a total of 9,588 deaths were reported in French hospitals, compared to 14,967 deaths in all settings.

This means that the UK is actually above France’s trajectory of deaths reported by Covid-19, as well as that of countries such as China, Germany and South Korea – even if the United Kingdom – Uni is further behind France in the development of the epidemic (with fewer days since 50 cumulative deaths have been reported).

There is an enormous public debate on the situation of the United Kingdom in terms of deaths compared to other European countries and the government and its advisers have constantly referred to the data from the “global comparison of deaths” to defend their position.

Yesterday’s slide from the British government. Orange cross added by HSJ indicates the actual ratio hospital Covid-19 deaths for France.

passed away April 13

At the briefing on April 13, Sir Patrick said the worldwide death chart “did not cover all deaths, it looked at deaths in hospital.”

He said, “And the reason he looks at deaths in the hospital is that it is the international standard and that everyone is doing to report the deaths.

“There are of course unfortunately many deaths that also occur outside the hospital. We follow behind Italy, we follow the same kind of path.

“I think this week we will see a further increase, after which we should see a plateau as the effects of social distancing are felt. This plateau may last for some time, then begin to decrease. “

Data released today (April 14) by the Office of National Statistics, based on death records, indicates that approximately 90% of the deaths in Covid-19 in the week before April 3 occurred ‘hospital – which means that the total number of deaths in the UK may well be at least 10 percent more than what is currently reported by the Department of Health and Welfare.

Covid's death figures in France

This comes after a study by the London School of Economics suggesting that between 42% and 57% of coronavirus deaths in Italy, Spain, France, Ireland and Belgium have occurred in nursing homes.

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs was invited for comments.


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