GOVA is reducing routes and suspending routes due to lower ridership due to COVID-19


The decline in ridership and the need for physical distance mean that GOVA Transit is reducing the frequency of most bus lines and completely suspending others.

The changes take effect on April 18.

The city said there was a 70% drop in weekday traffic and a 50% drop on weekends.

“The community’s response to prevent the spread of the virus has resulted in an average of less than 15 bus passengers during rush hour on major routes,” the city said today.

GOVA Transit has stated that its objective is to continue to meet the transportation needs of residents with a maximum capacity of 50% by bus to ensure an appropriate physical distance. Reduced schedules and suspended routes will free up the resources available to deploy two buses whenever possible during peak hours on the heaviest routes.

GOVA public transportation continues to be free at this time, and passengers must continue to enter and exit buses through the back doors, except for accessibility reasons.

The downtown transit center at 9 Elm Street remains temporarily closed, but buses continue to pick up and drop off passengers from the outdoor platforms. Passengers are encouraged to practice physical distance at bus stops and in the city center.

GOVA Transit continues to monitor service daily. Other adjustments may be necessary depending on the availability of the operator and the continued demand from cyclists.

Passengers with questions or concerns regarding the new routes and schedules are encouraged to contact GOVA Transit at [email protected] or 705-675-3333.


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