Gordon Ramsay shocked as daughter goes out with Gino D’Acampo’s son


Tilly, 18, had gone to tea with the youngest D’Acampo at the London restaurant Heddon Street Kitchen, when he decided to check in with his father after being involved in a nasty buggy accident on the trio’s trip across Mexico.

During the video conversation, Luciano decided to tease his father and Ramsay by asking him “do you know who I am with?” before turning the camera on to reveal that he was sitting next to Gordon’s daughter.

Ramsay went into action, asking, “What are you doing? Tilly! What are you doing, Mathilde ?! “

He later added, “You didn’t tell me you were going to have dinner with Luciano,”

As you can see, Gordon was in distress. Credit: ITV / Instagram
As you can see, Gordon was in distress. Credit: ITV / Instagram

Her daughter – in a tone that is probably familiar to all parents of teens – replied, “Oh, sorry. I must have forgotten. “

Fred Sirieix, who was apparently having fun as the only member of the three-member team to have no children involved in the situation, then added to the awkwardness by saying, “It’s okay to kissing on the first date, if you feel like you have to do it. ”

Ramsay simply said, “Mamma Mia! “

Despite this initial date, it seems that the couple remains only friends. At the end of last year, Tilly decided to cancel the rumors of a relationship between her and Luciano by sharing a photo of her with her real boyfriend Seth Mack.

Tilly and her real boyfriend Seth Mack. Credit: Instagram
Tilly and her real boyfriend Seth Mack. Credit: Instagram

When she shared the cliche, with a legend that was just a black heart, her family decided to give her a little heartache about everything, anyway.

Her sister Holly said, “Someone will tell Luci. “

Whereas his older brother simply tagged his famous angry father and wrote: “Interrogation time”.

As for Gino’s accident, he has now recovered, but admitted that he felt like his life was in danger when he had the horrible crash.

Gino crashed into a van. Credit: ITV
Gino crashed into a pickup truck. Credit: ITV

He told Radio Times, “We did the Baja 400. I had a very big accident. I cut Gordon to win and lost control, and I went straight into the van. I was going at 70 or 80 mph and I thought, “I’m going to die.”

“What scared me the most was that my fuel tank burst, I had gas all over me. Fifteen seconds later, Gordon smashed his buggy against the racetrack wall. So there was only Fred left. But it was fun until I crashed. “

Well, as long as it was fun, and everyone is still alive …

You can watch the first episode of Gordon, Gino and Fred: American Road Trip on ITV Player now.


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