Google’s Crazy AI Duplex Call Service Comes to 3 Other Markets


Google IO 2019 duplex demo

Google’s duplex calling feature is one of the most impressive inventions we’ve seen, offering an AI concierge capable of booking appointments over the phone. This feature is currently only available in the United States, although Google was somewhat piloting in New Zealand.

Now, VentureBeat discovered Google Duplex support release notes, revealing that the service is arriving in Australia, Canada and the UK to some extent. The support page now lists Duplex phone numbers in the aforementioned markets, after listing these numbers for New Zealand and the United States only.

This does not necessarily mean that a full-fledged Google Duplex service is deployed in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Google launched a limited version of the service in New Zealand earlier this year, and it was only used to check the hours of operation of local businesses. So it is quite possible that people in new markets cannot ask Google to make an appointment for a haircut.

However, a limited deployment similar to New Zealand could help Google train Duplex in real world scenarios before a consumer release in these markets.

You will not need a Pixel Device when Duplex eventually launches in your country, as it only requires an Android 5.0 phone with Assistant, Maps and Search. It even works on iPhones with Google Assistant installed.

Have you ever tried Google Duplex? What did you think of it? Give us your thoughts below!


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