Gogglebox’s Lee suffers epic failure during Joe Wicks training


With the whole country locked, there is little else to do than watch TV – or watch other people watch TV.

And families and friends of Gogglebox Friday evening (April 3), we all received a slight relief while watching the best TV of the week.

But fan favorite Lee Riley ended up having an embarrassing moment when he ripped his jeans in the middle.

Lee and his best friend Jenny Newby watched Joe Wicks’ appearance on the Andrew Marr Show to promote his PE classes online, where the fitness instructor demonstrated some of his exercises.

Gogglebox's Lee Riley pulls a shocked face as his pants split for a physical workout, while his friend Jenny Newby watches.

GoggleboxChannel 4

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But when Lee attempted a squat, he ended up ripping his jeans (although Jenny initially thought he had broken the wind).

Viewers on Twitter loved this hilarious moment, which also served as a public service announcement warning us of wearing improper training equipment.

Last week, viewers wondered why Lee and Jenny were shooting together in Jenny’s caravan despite the current self-isolation rules.

However, Lee went to Twitter to clarify the matter, explaining that he had moved in with Jenny so that they could continue filming.

“Well, what can we say that it’s Friday and it’s still on #Gogglebox,” he tweeted. “Jenny and I are watching together when we are both locked out TOGETHER, friends with no benefits I can add!” One hour of laughter, stay safe, stay well. “

The show previously announced that, in order to continue filming during the epidemic, it had rigged cameras in the distribution’s individual homes, preventing them from having any contact with crew members.

Gogglebox broadcast on Friday evening on channel 4 at 9 p.m.

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