Global coronavirus cases fall to 1.4 million | 1 NEWS


The number of people who have acquired a coronavirus worldwide now exceeds 1.4 million cases.

A body wrapped in plastic is loaded onto a refrigerated truck used as a temporary morgue in New York.
Source: Associated Press

The death toll worldwide is now 80,000.

The United States now has the highest number of cases, with nearly 400,000 people infected, but nearly 3,000 have since recovered.

New York City recorded its largest jump with 731 new cases overnight while the number of virus deaths in the city exceeded 3,200, surpassing the death toll of September 11.

The death toll in France has reached the grim threshold of 10,000 people. About 600 people died there in one day, while more than 30,000 are currently hospitalized, a quarter of whom are in intensive care.

The news is slightly better in the most affected country, Italy, as infection rates continue to slow. The number of new cases reported in the past day is the lowest recorded by the country in three weeks.

Spanish, Italian and British authorities hope that cases will stabilize and decline as a result of strict foreclosure measures.

New Zealand also registered positive signs yesterday, as the country reported a decline in the number of new cases.

The latest figures show that 54 people are confirmed and probable cases, which now brings the total to 1,160.

Among these cases, 12 are hospitalized with four intensive care patients and a critical condition.

The number of people who recovered from Covid-19 yesterday was more than the number of new cases so far, 241 people have recovered.


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