Gianluca Vialli is completely free of cancer after 17 months of treatment


Chelsea hero Gianluca Vialli revealed that he had recovered from pancreatic cancer after undergoing exhausting chemotherapy for 17 months.

Vialli – who joined the Blues in 1996 and became a player-coach two years later – said he was relieved to have received the green light after tests showed no other signs of the disease.

In an interview with Italian outlet La Repubblica Vialli, who also managed Watford for a season, said he was fortunate compared to those currently affected by the coronavirus crisis.

“I’m fine,” said Vialli. “In December, I completed 17 months of chemotherapy, an eight-month cycle and another nine. It was difficult, even for someone as difficult as me, physically and mentally.

Gianluca Vialli
Gianluca Vialli fought cancer for 17 months before receiving the green light

“The tests showed no signs of the disease. I’m happy, even if I say that under my breath to be on the safe side.

“Finding my health means seeing myself in the mirror, seeing hair grow, not having to frown with a pencil. In this regard, I feel very fortunate compared to many others.

“I am thinking of those who were hospitalized and forced to die alone, their relatives forbidden in the event of contagion, funerals which could not be celebrated. It’s terrible. This crisis will leave huge scars on the country; emotional, moral and economic scars. ”

Vialli sent a few words of positivity amidst the spread of the global pandemic, and said that people must focus on a bright future when it is over.

The 55-year-old added, “You fight the fear of dying by thinking about your desires, focusing on what you really like and how much we want all of these good things to come back.

“In this enormous silence that surrounds us during the lock, there is almost a Zen atmosphere.

Gianluca Vialli and goalscorer Gianfranco Zola hold the trophy after Chelsea won the European Cup Winners' Cup by defeating Stuttgart 1-0 in 1998
Vialli wins the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1998

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“We can hear the birds singing even in the megalopolis of the big city, see how quickly the smog has dissipated, even after some have chosen to make fun of this wonderful young girl, Greta Thunberg.

“It will be wonderful when football and sport come back, because emotions and memories will help us to resume a full life.

“I just hope that we will maintain this capacity for solidarity in the future and that we will expand it. Let’s continue to support health care workers, these generous people of incredible physical and mental strength. Don’t forget them, when it’s all over. “


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