George Stephanopoulos was diagnosed with a coronavirus


Stephanopoulos, who hosts “Good Morning America,” announced his diagnosis of coronavirus on Monday morning. He said he had no symptoms.

“I never had a fever, never had chills, never had a headache, never had a cough, never had shortness of breath,” he said on “GMA”. ” I feel good. “

Stephanopoulos’ wife Ali Wentworth announced that she had been diagnosed with coronavirus about two weeks ago. While Stephanopoulos said he was asymptomatic, Wentworth said in an Instagram post on April 1 that she had “never been so sick.”

“High fever. Horrible body pains. Heavy chest, ”she says. “I am quarantined from my family. It’s pure misery. “

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited studies that show that there are patients infected with Covid-19 who never experience symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue and shortness of breath.

Two CNN anchors, Chris Cuomo and Brooke Baldwin, have also tested positive for Covid-19.


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