George Kittle Sees Silver Medal In Fanless Matches


Getty Images

49ers tight end George Kittle feeds on the energy of a local crowd like few other footballers. But if 2020 takes place without fans due to the ongoing pandemic, Kittle sees a silver lining.

“The home games will certainly be weird, but if I can go to Seattle or New Orleans without fans there, it will make my job a lot easier,” Kittle told #PFTPM on Friday. “I would have nothing to listen to. No more silent accounts, nothing like it. It would make my life really easy. Hey, I’m going to play on the go. It is very good. No worries with that. “

The 49ers won close games last year in Seattle and New Orleans, even with a deafening crowd supporting the home teams. Without one of those two wins, the 49ers would have had a much more difficult path to the Super Bowl.

” [T]It’s the fans who make the game so much fun, whether it’s winning a game and your stadium becomes ballistic or winning a game on the road and the crowd keeps quiet, “said Kittle. “These two are some of the heights of football for me, just hearing that. So it’s definitely going to be different if that’s what’s going on. Like I said, I’m just going to focus on what I can control, and if I can just go play soccer, I’ll be very happy. “

Fanless football would certainly require an adjustment for everyone, and it would hurt the teams that have the best advantages on the field playing in the noisiest stadiums. This would create a very real advantage for teams like the Chargers, who are used to playing in front of hostile crowds both on the road and at home.


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