George Kittle never took Tom Brady to speak to the 49ers seriously


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For about a week last month, it was very possible that the 49ers were chasing quarterback Tom Brady. To Chris Simms explained at the time, the 49ers were at one time Brady’s first choice. In the end, and obviously, it didn’t work.

So what did the late George Kittle think of this Tom Brady gossip?

“That’s what it is,” Kittle told #PFTPM on Friday. ” People are talking. There is nothing else to say. It’s nothing that I took seriously. Jimmy G is my quarterback and it’s a quarterback hell. We don’t go to the Super Bowl without him. So there’s no one to replace him with. What he has done for this team in terms of leadership and in the field, he is one of a kind. There is no one else I prefer to be there to throw the ball to. You know, I’m just excited to be able to play soccer again with Jimmy G and I know he’s ready to rock this again. “

The 49ers may have considered Brady or other alternatives to Garoppolo, but ultimately decided to continue tying their cart to the guy who took them to the playoffs, who took a back seat for racing during the most of the playoffs, and ultimately didn’t take advantage of an open Emmanuel Sanders with a championship at stake.


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