Geoff of Coronation Street attacks Yasmeen after she tries to leave her bad husband


Yasmeen Nazir finally resisted her bad husband Geoff Metcalfe on Coronation Street tonight.

After discovering that her crooked husband had lied about booking a hotel in Spain and paid for escorts, Yasmeen decided to leave to be with his family.

Viewers of Corrie were thrilled when Yasmeen stood up to the sick pensioner – but were suddenly crushed to the ground when he stopped leaving.

Yasmeen scolded Geoff when she hacked his email account while he was in the shower and made a horrible discovery.

She found tons of emails with various escorts, including Rachel, but was left trembling when Geoff caught her in the act.

Geoff begged Yasmeen to stay with him

Geoff tried to stop him from packing his bags

Geoff accused Yasmeen of spying on him and insisted that he research a radio program on modern dating.

“I can’t begin to imagine the little dirty fantasies going on in your brain,” muttered Geoff.

But Yasmeen stood firm and forced her mean husband to admit that he was lying about the hotel reservation.

Geoff said he was boasting and wanted to be the big man with a big gesture to prove how much he loves him.

Yasmeen said, “I’m not asking for your permission. I’m going to my grandson’s wedding and there is nothing you can do to stop me. “

As she closed her suitcase and headed for the door, Geoff blocked her path and said threateningly, “You’re not going anywhere. “

Will it harm Yasmeen?

Geoff told Yasmeen that she was going nowhere

Yasmeen was terrified

Corrie viewers went to Twitter after watching the intense scenes unfold tonight.

One viewer said, “Geoff has lost it now. It can only make things worse from here. Stay strong Yasmeen! “

“Geoff is a desperate man, so I hope he doesn’t get poor Yasmeen. What a pig! He makes me scream on the screen, “added another

A third said: “Yasmeen standing up to Geoff alone is the best thing to come from this pandemic. “

“It’s true that Geoff is an ugly job and anything but props for the actor … it really gives the character a side plot about him being completely mentally ill. My god watching him silently despair at the thought of Yasmeen’s departure was incredible, “said a fourth.

Tim seemed to have cut his finger

Sally and Yasmeen were horrified

Yasmeen managed to get the password from Geoff after watching him type it while helping Sally and Tim.

Tim played an unpleasant prank on Sally and Yasmeen by claiming that he cut off his thumb.

Corrie viewers watched in horror as Tim apparently apparently amputated his own thumb while doing the dishes – and started screaming in agony.

Tim made everyone run wild

Tim laughed

Traumatized, Tim screamed in agony, accusing Daddy’s knife Geoff in the sink, while the mortified wife Sally ran to help him.

Terrified, Sally yelled at Tim to put pressure on the wound while Yasmeen was looking for it in the sink.

Tim said, “I can’t live without my thumb. I can’t hold anything. “

Just when the desperate situation got out of hand, Tim raised his thumb from under the towel and confessed, “Oh, there it is. “

Giggling Tim and Geoff revealed that they played an April prank on their wives.

* Coronation Street is broadcast on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV at 7:30 p.m.


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