Geno Smith responds and calls Rex Ryan “a snake”


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If controversy is what ESPN covets, Rex Ryan provides it. He did a rip-a-thon last week, which makes him personal for no good reason.

Last week, he called the Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper, one of the good guys in the league, an “idiot.” Ryan apologized after being heavily criticized for his choice of words.

On Wednesday, he drew Geno Smith into a debate over whether Tom Brady or Bill Belichick was more important to the success of the Patriots.

” Give me [Belichick] someone else; let’s give him Geno Smith; let’s give him anyone, and see how many Super Bowls he would have won. We saw that the answer was zero in Cleveland, “said Ryan on ESPN.

Smith responded on Twitter with a series of tweets, although he never directly mentions Ryan by name.

“My mom never loved a guy, he was a snake. . and you glorify him all. . should have been fired after 1 year. . the truth is that we won 8 games after ESPN won two and he got his job back. .somehow I’m caught in a quarrel and I’m the scapegoat. . The same guy who wrote me. #Deals “

Smith then followed: “I could easily go on and on the bs I see again and again, but in truth, I’m so happy that I don’t even mind. God put me in this position where even my enemies must mention my name. . so I just watch the show! “

Presumably, Smith did not mean watching the show literally, like in Ryan watching on ESPN.

“Where do I come from if a man talks about another man when that man is not present, a man does not listen! Smith wrote later.

Smith played for Ryan for two seasons before the Jets fired the coach. Smith was 11-18 while the Jets went from 12 to 20 in 2013-14. Smith left the Jets after four seasons.


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