Gemma Collins’ body “swollen” during lockdown as she admits new show “looks like Big Brother”


Worried, Gemma Collins was unable to move during the lockdown after her body “swelled.”

The TOWIE star was stunned by the fear that occurred earlier this month.

As the new Diva On Lockdown show starts tonight on ITVBe, it revealed that she quit using TV doctor Gillian McKeith.

Gemma said, “I had to speak to Gillian McKeith the other day because my body swelled during the lockout.

“I could barely move, my joints were killing me, so Gillian told me to suspend the sodium, so I threw away all my salt. “

Despite her unfortunate misfortunes, the queen of reality TV is still her usual self and compares (naturally) to Marilyn Monroe.

Gemma Collins puts prosecco in lockdown

“As Marilyn Monroe was sent to entertain troops in wartime, I realized that the country may need the GC to have fun and that is what I want to give with this series,” said Gemma.

“I am a queen of reality and I want people to see reality.

“But I’m not going to lie, putting the fixed cameras in my house, it was like being on Big Brother again, but without a bunch of annoying people around me. “

Gemma was only able to film one episode in her next series before new government guidelines on coronaviruses forced her to self-isolate.

Gemma needed help as her body swelled

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So instead of a team of cameras, many cameras were installed inside her Essex mansion, which she compared to her miserable Big Brother 2016 stay.

She said, “It’s very strange, I’m not going to lie, it’s weird.

“On TV, you normally have a lot of people around you to bounce around and laugh.

“We had planned the whole series and we had to go here, there and everywhere, but we just couldn’t do it.

“But as I always do, I wanted to get the most out of each situation and I think we were able to make a fantastic streak. “


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