Gemma Atkinson flies to ‘COVIDIOTS’ as four loved ones catch a deadly virus


Gemma Atkison targeted so-called COVIDIOTS refusing to stay indoors and at a social distance during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic because she revealed that four of her relatives had caught the deadly virus.

The 35-year-old actress and mom went to Instagram to share a photo of people enjoying a large gathering, which was allegedly taken over the weekend.

“P **** s selfish” Gemma has nicknamed the group by opening up on her own experience in a passionate rant.

“Press call them idiots.” I call them selfish p **** s! She fumed.

“4 close family members and a friend suffered terribly from this virus!

“I bet your families are so proud of you,” she cried.

Gemma Atkinson is furious with these rules of social distance

The post drew the attention of some key workers among its 1.4 million followers.

“I had a DM from a police officer saying that they have never been abused as much as by ‘covidiots’ and a nurse wishing that these people who do not respect the rules can see how coveted patient struggles in his last hours of life.

“Maybe then they would stay at home … I’m really sorry for the key / front line workers,” wrote Gemma Gorka of Strictly

Gemma’s position drew huge response from key workers

Former actress Hollyoaks is currently staying at home with longtime boyfriend Gorka Marquez and their eight-month-old daughter Mia.

Gemma and Gorka updated the fans on the daily antics of their home life – which included a lot of workouts and playtime with the adorable girl Mia.

To encourage people to exercise at home rather than outdoors, fitness fanatic Gemma has posted videos of her own exercise routines as inspiration.

” Hey! Some time ago, I said that I would share with you some ideas of home exercise for those who are struggling, “she said.

“I feel extremely, extremely fortunate to have our gymnasium (especially to feel good mentally in these times!) I know a lot of people have a hard time without the structure of going to the gymnasium, I totally understand but you can always do something!

“And believe me, moving your body will absolutely help you feel good!” “

“Don’t let being trapped at home stop you!” You have it and your mind and body deserve it !!! “


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