Gary Lineker leaps to Liverpool defense after Piers Morgan claim


Gary Lineker jumped to the defense of Liverpool, insisting that it would not be fair to follow the Dutch FA’s precedent and deny him the Premier League title.

The Dutch FA announced Friday night that there would be no promotion or relegation of Eredivisie and that Ajax would not receive the title.

Last season’s Champions League semifinalists lead AZ Alkmaar in the goal difference table and therefore will not be crowned champions with nine games left this season.

This, of course, has put some Liverpool fans on the brink of their own title hopes, although UEFA said this week that each league would be decided individually by their own governing bodies.

While the Premier League still insists that the 2019/20 season be over and Liverpool have a 25-point lead over Manchester City, Lineker argued that it would be unfair not to hand the title over to the Reds.

Piers Morgan insisted that the league be canceled and tweeted, “I honestly think (cancellation) is (the fairest way). All the other solutions I’ve seen are less fair than just accepting the season cannot be over and canceling it. “

“Holland understands this, but we are still desperately trying to save a season that cannot be saved. “

Lineker insisted, however, that this was not the case.

He said, “Tell that to the Liverpool fans. While perspective is important in these horrible times, it would be fairer to try, if possible, to finish it.

“Is it viable? Probably not, but it’s a different question. “


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